Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bigger is Better

Anthropologie has done it again! Just when I thought I was becoming immune, they gave their site a makeover and loaded it with vintage inspired outfits for Fall.
The site has become more aesthetically pleasing and best of all, now sports larger thumbnails and a "quick shop" option. Another addition to the site that I'm loving are the customer reviews. Very helpful, thank you! The subcategories menu on the left still needs some work. It's a little confusing to me. I don't know what it is, small font? Background color? Too many subcategories? Something to work on, Anthropologie. Still, overall, I'm very happy browsing through the new, bigger, better site!

Bold Boutonniere Dress

Windfall Dress


Macy Dawn said...

I'm still debating on whether I like the user interface of the new web update, but I always love the look they put together! Check out my Anthropolification features on my blog if you get a chance!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever been to the Anthropologie store in Pennsylvania at the Shoppes at Brinton Lakes (Glen Mills, PA)?? I heard there was a garden center too. Any info is appreciated.

Sophie said...

The garden center is called Terrain.
I haven't been there yet since it's a long drive for me, but would love to go sometime.

Likely said...

Terrain is INCREDIBLE. I am headed up there today for a interview at Anthro and then a jaunt over to Terrain. fun!


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