Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shoe Dilemma

I tried on a pair of shoes that I really like.
Size 6 pinched my toes.
Size 6.5 was big.
Should I go with the smaller size and hope they will stretch (what if they won't)?
Or should I go half size up and wear them with inserts (what if the shoes will stretch and become even larger)?
Some advice would be much appreciated.


Stacie said...

I am going through this same thing with a pair of AG jeans I bought a few days ago at anthropologie. I normally wear a 28 but the 28 seemed a little too tight so I went up to a 29 & they fit a little better. So I ponder how much they are going to stretch out in the dressing room for at least 30 minutes & then decided on the 29's. Now I'm questioning my decision & don't want to take the tag off. It's just the jeans are so expensive & you want them to fit perfectly. I hate pinchy shoes so I would go up the size, but then I would question my decision. I'm no help, am I?

Valerie said...

I do know that there are some shoe cobblers in my city (so I would suspect there would be some in most cities) that can stretch certain pairs of leather shoes and boots because I've had a friend recently have this done on several pairs of her shoes. I'm sure it depends on the shoes, but it's a thought at least. And haha, I'm laughing at my own use of the phrase "shoe cobbler" -- is that even still a term used today? I don't know what else to call them...

SubWife said...

Why don't you get size 6 and see if you the shoemaker can stretch them a bit? I wouldn't get a bigger size because that will inevitably cause blisters.

Diana Draw said...
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Diana Draw said...

I agree to get the smaller size & get them stretched - you can't "shrink" shoes, but you def. can stretch them if they're leather.

@Stacie, ditto for you - jeans stretch with wear, and they shrink if you put them in the dryer. So, I say get the smaller size because they will stretch throughout the day, and air dry when you wash 'em. HTH

Heather said...

Well, if you can get them stretched then perhaps you could go with the size 6. But I must say, I have a nightmare of a story with pair of shoes that I bought half a size to small, because they were beautiful and the only size feel almost died! ha! I should have never bought them! I would say buy the bigger size and get some good inner- soles. I have small, narrow feet and shoes never fit just right. I always use inner soles. :)
Oh, I bought a beautiful cape at Anthropologie this weekend and I thought about you! -Heather
PS: thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lady Cardigan said...

I have a pair of shoes I've been trying to stretch for years, and they won't. So I say go for the larger size.

Megha said...

sophie-- heather is absolutely
right about the insoles.

target sells these ball of foot pads (they're usually by the shoes) and they are excellent for making a slightly larger shoe fit better. they're supposed to be for comfort but somehow they lessen the amount of wiggle room. i use them all the time. i'd suggest even trying a full cushy insole--they really do make the shoe fit better.

stacie--if you're reading this, girl, go with the smaller size! always. jeans stretch the hell out, esp. ag's cotton. the dryer is awful for denim and will eventually kill the lycra.

Sophie said...

Thank you everyone for your advise.
I'm now more confused than ever :-).

Sophie said...

For anyone interested in the outcome of this, I ended up getting size 6.
After wearing them around the house for a couple of days, the shoes became 60% more comfortable than they were initially. The leather is really soft, so I hope they will stretch some more as I wear them.


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