Monday, May 17, 2010

Name This Skirt

I came across this Odille scalloped skirt on Ebay and I'm in love!
Does anyone know what it's called? Must find it in my size!

If you're a lucky size 6, go get it! Now!
Starting bid is $24.99

The scallops are embroidered and have mini scalloped edges.
How neat is that?


Living in Lilly said...

saw this skirt on ebay a while back- love it! the scallops upon scallops are awesome

Miana said...

It is very cute, but beware of anything from Singapore that is claimed to be "anthropologie." E-bay has had so
serious problems with sellers from Singapore selling fake Anthro items. This seller is fro
Singapore. Pays to be careful.

Katie said...

I knew that there were a LOT of fake Anthropologie items on e-bay coming out of China, but now Singapore too?


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