Monday, November 29, 2010

December Catalog

Anthropologie December 2010

Sari Throw

Thoresby Pullover, Wooded Hideaway Skirt

Dreamy Wanderings Dress, Warming up Cardi
Isn't she just a tad overdressed for a shack in the woods?

Promises to Keep Cardigan

Poetry of Trees Jacket

Duplex Birdhouse
Why bother banging together a birdhouse when you can pick one up
for a mere $400?

If you cant get to the woods, bring the woods to you.

Hand Painted Poppies Sweatercoat
I'm torn about this coat. Part of me is fascinated by it
and part of me finds it hideous.
Gives one the sense you've just inhaled some poppies.

Impending Splendor Bag
I have a weak spot for frame bags.

Clothbound Penguin Classics For Children
So pretty!

All in all, aside from a few exceptions, the December catalog has been somewhat of a disappointment, especially after the drool worthy November. Though is not lacking pretty styles at the moment, for some reason very few actually made it into the catalog. Am I the only one who's missing velvet? I like to see some velvet in the winter.
Well, there's still the gift catalog to look forward to.


Sunako said...

I'm with you on the Hand Painted Poppies Sweatercoat. I admire the sheer amount of finger-pricking labor that went into making this, really.

However, it seems to be a prime case of the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Embroidery and painting should be tasteful, and judiciously used, just like sequins.

Even if a lot of labor went into something, it can still be tacky and frumpy.

And, while this isn't really a big problem with most Anthropologie stuff, it is a problem for say, Adriana Pappell, who seems to only make frumpy, dated-looking evening dresses covered with tons of tiny beads and sequins-- these dresses always end up in the 80% clearance rack at Lord & Taylor.

Anna said...

I agree that the Handpainted Poppies sweatercoat is tacky, unfortunately. It looks like something someone' s grandma would wear as a housecoat - not vintage in a good or chic way. Wish it looked just a bit different.


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