Thursday, May 12, 2011

It Feels Like Spring!

The good news? Things are starting to look up. The bad news? How the heck am I going to afford all the new additions to my wish list? Keeping my fingers crossed for the tag sale next week.
Hope the new lovelies trickling in are a good indication of what's on the way for Summer.

Yes! Yes! YES!
The shape, print and color combination is perfect!
Could have lived without the keyhole in the back...

Cuernavaca Maxi
This dress has that exotic "Amazon Princess" look that really appeals to me.

Nice silhouette. Still trying to decide if the pattern is reminiscent of Grandma's curtain.

Sunrise Shirtdress
Love the color and the subtle all-over embroidery.
I haven't tried it on yet and judging from the mixed reviews it just may make you look like a grown woman wearing a five year old's dress. Any input, ladies?


Jamie said...

yay Blogger has things sorted out! I've tried on the Sunrise Shirtdress in white--- and loved the fit and look. The sleeves didn't puff like some reviewers mentioned for me. For reference I'm hourglass towards fuller figured- a tts 12 on top and bottom. I sized up to a 14 in the dress so it could button. It looked fantastic with a belt and heels. It's sitting on my waiting list with me hoping the 14s don't disappear.

Unknown said...

I am loving the Backswept Dress. The color and pattern are fantastic! I may have to spurge on that one. There were many great new items this time around. I too tried on the Sunrise Shirtdress in white. It looked much better on the rack than it did on me. Made me feel a bit little girlish - however that may have been partially because of the white. I found the bust to be on the tight side; and I'm not particularly busty (I tried a 12). I would have sized up, but they didn't have a 14. I love the color of the new varieties. If it hits the sales I may give it a go - if the price is right.


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