Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mom's Day

First, let me say that every day should be Mother's Day . Second, being a mother myself and knowing how unrealistic that is, I'm glad someone made Mother's Day an established calendar day. Not that I get any presents from my kids just yet, but theres hope for the future.

For now I have to speedily figure out what will I be giving my Mommy (ok, I'm a procrastinator, I do last minute present shopping).
Anthropologie has put together a page of suggested Mom's presents, but my Mom is not into gardening, has no need for journals (however beautiful they may be), doesn't wear long chandelier earrings and certainly will not in a million years occupy herself with puzzles.
As for perfumes and candles, my Father is allergic to all kinds of smells, so those are ruled out.
What am I left with? A cake platter? A lemon squeezer? I was really hoping to do better than that, but the last time I bought my Mother a present from Anthroppologie ( a beautiful sweater), she returned it saying it looks "too young". Mind you, my mother is not that old. I would really like to believe that I'll still be shopping at Anthropologie when I'm her age, but the disturbing thought set in, "what if I'll think it too young?" Shouldn't there be a branch of Anthroppologie-like stores for ages 50+?
Ok, I'm getting side tracked. In the mean time, I stubbornly refuse to believe that there is absolutely nothing at Anthropologie that my Mom would enjoy. Partially because I really want to "convert" her and partially because I really have no patience with shopping somewhere like Century21.
When it comes to clothes, Anthropologie did become a little too "Bohemian" lately even for my taste, but I would like to believe it's a passing phase.
So here are some of my ideas for Mom's present from Anthropologie.

Can you believe this thing? How cute is it? A Retromodern Mini Grill ($98)! I don't know about my Mom, but I want one! Finally, a"girly" grill. No self respecting man will ever go near this thing.

Marilee Bowls - $14
You can never have too many bowls!

Organic Seasonal Cookbook - $19.99
My Mom is a devoted "Organic" consumer, so this should be right up her alley.

Cadiz Mug - $10

I remember that last year, before Mother's Day, Anthropologie had a free shipping promotion, which as far as I know is not happening this year (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

I also found some very giveable items on Lately Etsy became one of my very guilty pleasures. There are so many creative people making so many beautiful things!
Here are some of my Etsy picks.

For the artsy Mom - Vintage Brass Nouveau earrings by Bijoutiful

Reversible Hobo Bag by Retrofied

Hand knitted Melange Shawl by Tijusai

Any other ideas? Please share!


SubWife said...

No ideas. About the grill though. Show any manly man a decent raw steak or a raw kebab trail, and he won't care what color that grill is. Even pink will do.

Valerie said...

No ideas here either. I had to resort to flat out asking my mom what she would want, and I'm still waiting for that reply email back from her. :) But I have to agree with you on the whole Anthro bohemian thing -- not up my alley either. I suppose the bright side to this is the fact that I am saving money right now since I'm certainly not finding too much to buy at Anthro!

Georgia B. said...

lovely ideas. my mother is in her 60s. i think she would be tickled pink with a fishing pole for mother's day. she's not into typical girly mother things.

i on the other hand, would love every one of these things. :)

val said...

I love that grill!
Anthropologie is offering free shipping from now until September 7 if you have an anthro card linked to your account.

Sophie said...

Yeah, I got the e-mail about free shipping and already took advantage :-). Saved $9 and it feels good!

Sophie said...

Love your blog
i Just started one about Anthro too

id love your comments and opinions


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