Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visual Delights

I couldn't resist sharing with you some of my favorite images from that May Anthropologie catalog.
These are no ordinary catalog pages as we know them. Anthropologie took a step further to merge your catalog shopping experience with some heightened visual stimulation.
It's true that it's a bit harder to tell from these what the clothes actually look like, but who cares? These images captivate the viewer, they draw you in, beg to be studied and of course they are memorable, which is more than I can say for most apparel catalogs. If I want a clearer image of the clothes, I can always see them on the website, which is where I go to place orders anyway, but while all of the other catalogs make it to the trash the same day they arrive in the mail, Anthropologie catalogs get saved and stashed away. Is it crazy to save catalogs? I have a hard time parting with anything remotely inspiring and visually stimulating. I'm sure I'm not a lone in these practices. Thank you Anthropologie for constantly feeding my beloved paper collection.

Floating Lotus Dress

Bergamot One Piece

Shell Strewn Bag

Reflections Chemise

Waves & Waves Espadrilles


Lily G. said...

I love anthro! Yay for your blog! =)

Haven and Home said...

Hi, I clicked on your blog because I love the name. Love this post, I could live anthropolgie!

Athena said...

You are not alone, I save my Anthropologie catalogs too! :)
The breathtaking photos in this catalog are by far my favorite.

christina said...

I wish they would send me catalogs. Everytime I go into the stores at the beginning of the month, they are out. I even signed up for anthro the first week the program rolled out and called CS several times about getting on the mailing list to no avail.
Does anyone know who I can contact personally about this? Also, I've never gotten a birthday coupon in the mail like many other anthro members.

Love your blog!

Kate said...

I've been saving my catalogs for years! I have them in an antique gold magazine rack next to my coach. Whenever I feel down, I put on a pot of tea, grab my fuzzy blanket, and pull out a random Anthro catalog. Bliss is sure to shortly follow. Their clothes are just so timeless!
Love this blog!


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