Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I LOVE School !

Finally! Kids starting school tomorrow! I'm so excited, I hope I'll be able to restrain myself from giving them a little shove out the door in the morning.
Though I love summers dearly, this summer, the gap between end of camp and beginning of school was a little too long. I am way behind on my blogging, as well as many other things, but before I can undertake all my planned projects, I will have to take a little time to recharge my poor nerves and get all the "I'm hot, I'm wet, I'm bored, I'm thirsty, he hit me, she took my spot, etc (fill in the blank), to stop buzzing in my head . A trip to Anthropologie should do the trick. Ladies, reward yourselves once in a while. You deserve it!

Welcome to September

There's something about early fall that is so romantic. The softer lighting, the new gentle chill in the air, makes us want to put on our new fuzzy sweater and cuddle up to our old fuzzy (or not ) sweetheart.
Millbrook Cardigan

Hidden Springs Dress

Kousa Berry Bag

Bustled Shower Curtain

Flaxen Wedges
I'm sure I've seen a painting of fruits and/or flowers that looked just like this...except in this version shoes became a luscious still life.


Catherine said...

Og, I love these shots. I am ready for fall! the clothing, that is!

GingerSnap said...

These pictures are so pretty! Unfortunately, I live in FL so we won't be seeing Fall any time soon!

Heather said...

I believe this catalog was one of my favorites! (But I say that each time I get mine in the mail!)


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