Monday, November 23, 2009

To Plaid or NOT to Plaid

Am I the only one who finds plaids on shirts horrendously ugly?
I could understand on a skirt....maybe, but not on shirts. It reminds me of a clip South Park did once. It was a parody on a commercial for a toy action figure, The ALABAMA man. He wore a red plaid shirt and came in a set with a beer can and a bowling ball (no offense to anyone residing in Alabama).

If I wanted something this ugly, why would I bother paying Anthropologie prices for it?
I'm sure big plaid shirts are not hard to come by in stores like Target and Sears.

Cabin Fever Tunic

Banking Grounds Blouse

Smartly Shaped Blouse

Smoky Plaid Tunic

Plaid Perfection Blouse

Clark Park Button-Up


Lady Cardigan said...

Oh, you're not the only one! I occasionally see a plaid I like, but in general the lumberjack look does not appeal to me.

Rachel said...

I don't like plaid on shirts, and I live in Alabama. It has just never appealed to me. It is so unfeminine looking.

hey_kate said...

i don't like it either! i do have a plaid skirt which looks cute though. it doesn't look lumberjack-ish like these shirts, it looks classic :D

Diana Draw said...

Ok I'm in the minority here b/c I love plaid shirts if they have a good shape, like some of these that nip in a the waist.

Heather said...

(I'm from AL, Sophie, I got a good laugh from your post! ha!)
I am with you! I didn't like the plaid shirts until my sister found one and she looks absolutely fabulous in it! I would never pay the price at Anthropologie! I would go somewhere much cheaper because I don't think lumberjack-plaid will be a fashion must-have for very long!

Sunako said...

Just as part of fashion is the innovative twist on something we think we've seen before (as well as the core rehashing of eras or certain icons)....

there's always going to be a part of fashion that's "let's sell something really appallingly ugly and ridiculous, and let's see how much these suckers are willing to pay for it." I file this plaid shirt/tunic trend under this last category.

Red Lipstick Style said...

Agreed! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The first one and the last one taylor swift wore :D


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