Friday, August 6, 2010

Waste of a Day, Waste of a Coupon

Had a birthday coupon I needed to use up in July.
Decided to head to the Rockefeller center Anthropologie.
Made a really bad decision of driving instead of taking the train.
Did not find what I was looking for and ended up wasting the coupon on a mug and an apron. (Why the hell can't birthday coupons be used on line?)
Got back into the car at 8:15 PM.
Got home starving and exhausted at 10:20PM.
Apparently, Mr President decided to visit the big apple on the very night we ventured out in the car. Half of FDR drive was closed in honor of the occasion. Husband and I were inching away for two hours, fantasizing about all the food we would eat at home.
In the end, we ended up spending more on gas, parking and babysitting than what I gained by using my birthday coupon. I did, however, gain an immense appreciation for shopping on line.

Learned three very important lessons which hopefully will remain vivid in my mind.
1. Never drive to Manhattan without first listening to the traffic report.
2. Never drive to Manhattan without adequate food supply in the car.


Ruby Mines said...

Hi! Robin here from Ruby Mines (ive been following your blog for a month now). Sorry you had such a lousy experience - I have let my past 2 anthro birthday coupons go to waste by constantly putting off heading to anthro b/c Im so tired from work or cant decide and then at the last minute something comes up on the last day I can use it and I cant even get down there in time. Dont feel bad. :) btw with a day like that is sounds like you need to get yourself an iced coffee ;)

Anonymous said...

i hate the in-person coupon!! i'm three hours away from the nearest anthro so i do all my shopping there online. not a very happy birthday present...

Diana Draw said...

I feel for you. NY traffic blows. It's so nutty that they can't make the coupon a one-off unique code usable online. It makes no sense!

However, if you explain how far away you are, CS will sometimes be kind. I have called CS before about out of stock items that were still available online, and they let me use my birthday discount on one such an occasion. Since you must buy everything in the one big order to get the discount on everything - no chopping it up into smaller transactions - I was also able to add the not-out of stock items to my order as well, and it all turned out okay. So maybe next year call CS first, and see if you can do a phone order.

Valerie said...

Bummer! And I completely understand. Last year I was able to get to an Anthro in time to use my coupon, but not this year. And the closest Anthro is four hours away (until September, when one will be opening half a mile away from my house!). Why, oh why, are the coupons not available to be used online?

Sophie said...

Diana, that's a great idea! Too bad I didn't think of it. Oh well, next year.
They really should make the coupons with a unique code that can be used on-line.

Sara said...

You poor thing. I feel ya. We were in NYC last summer, when they had a UN conference. We had just got there, and spent three hours just sitting there in a cab. If we knew the city better, we probably would have gotten out and walked.

Sara said...

We were just getting there from the airport..

sweetarchivia said...

Yeah I have to agree they really should start allowing online usage of the coupon..

Alterations Needed said...

This week, Mr. Prez headed to Los Angeles, where he single handedly shut down most of the west side, and thwarted my dinner plans. Luckily, I was able to navigate back home by side streets, but I would have possibly shed tears if I had been stuck for 2 hours.

Ahh...the birthday month coupon. An interesting creature that always initially instills excitement, but them languishes away at the bottom on my handbag until well past it's "month", rendered useless. I just tossed a bunch of those as well..un-usesd...oh well.

I'm assuming you had a July birthday? Me too! July babies are the best! =)

Maggie said...

Hi Robin,
Happy belated bday, the last time I was in Manhattan was 22 years ago, so I'm pretty sure it will be shock..

Have a great weekend,

moogie412 said...

Hi Sophie,

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The Clever Pup said...


I went to Anthropologie for the first time today and was hugely disappointed. The catalogs are so beautiful.

I found the quality of everything to be bad - no better than H&M. And therefore overpriced.

Winter items were hanging wrinkled from the hangers. Some of the gift items were nice but sooo contrived.

Sleepless in NY said...

I hate driving into the city. There is always traffic everywhere.
I have been an avid shopper at Anthropologie for years now and I have yet to receive a birthday coupon :(

I am an anthroholic, I admit it and also run a little blog. Check it out if you're interested:

Alaina Richtsteig said...

1. Anthro is the best store on the face of the planet..
2. Never been to the tore out there, how is it? I live in Chicago and we have em' all around here. It does kill me, however that like you said the coupons don't worl online! I always find myself staring at the screen finding what I want any then going into the store to see that it was never there

ShelleyW said...

Visiting the Anthro at RC was one of the highlights of my visit to NYC in 2007. I live in Oklahoma and we are getting our first Anthro sometime next year. Otherwise, I have to drive to Dallas to visit the stores.


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