Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady-Like Cardigans

How I wish I could bask in the sun all year round. My only consolation for the dreaded winter weather is dreamy sweaters like these.
If someone would be so cruel as to point out that spending $150 on a sweater is sheer madness, I would tell them "It's cheaper than moving to LA". That's right, I firmly believe that by buying sweaters at Anthropologie, I'm actually saving money I would otherwise have to spend on a cross-country move. West coast dwellers, do not get discouraged. I will be your neighbor one day (if I don't end up in Miami first)! It does get chilly in LA, right?

Sculpted Anemone Cardigan
Wooly applique flowers adorn a perfectly feminine silhouette.

Aestival Zenith Cardigan
LiaMolly has done it again!
Beautiful pattern + flattering silhouette + unique details + good quality
= LOVE at first sight!
I know what I want, now all I need is to take up a collection
to bring my love home.

Filamentous Cardigan

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan

Delicate Drafts Cardigan


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, all of them! I wish the LiaMolly sweaters are affordable for me. :(

Leliwiggins said...

They are so lovely!

Kathleen said...

It definitely gets cold in L.A.! I was wearing my Anthropologie sweaters all summer (it was unseasonably cool). These new ones are lovely options. Now, if I lived an hour or two inland, I'd never need them.

somosamerica said...

Ladies -- please cover your shoulder with this sweet brand new Anthro jacket. No traffic, no parking and right now only 99 cents on eBay:

Kat said...

I work at anthro and I must say my three fave cardis right now are the plaited pocket, the first one you posted, and believe it or not - Mellifera Wrap --- I think you have to see the last in person and be the right shape to truly appreciate it... but that paired with the Excavated Layers Tee and any of our grey pants look amazing together.


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