Monday, February 9, 2009

Mystery Sweater

On my recent trip to Anthropologie I made a little discovery, which lead me to a bigger discovery.
The little discovery was this pretty mystery sweater. The reason I call it a "mystery" sweater, is because I'm pretty sure it never appeared on Anthropologie website or in any of the catalogs. I was under the impression that all Anthropologie merchandise appears on the website, but it seems I was wrong.

This sweater is phenomenal quality with lot's of little details and it can be worn in a variety of ways. It's made out of a very soft woolly blend with velvet trim and velvet covered buttons with little embroidered buds.
Now I have a confession to make . I'm a sucker for velvet. I haven't seen enough of it this season at Anthropologie to satisfy my velvet cravings.

button detail
I like how the bottom curves to show a triangle of the velvet placket underneath.

The funnel neck has the same embroidered velvet on the outside and you can wear it up, rolled down, or opened.
Though you can't tell from my pictures, this sweater is semi-fitted with princess seams in the back. When I tried it on, it was figure flattering and felt soft and comfortable.

If anyone has any idea what this sweater is called, I'd love to know. Being that Anthropologie is big on giving all their articles of clothing a name, I'd prefer to continue the tradition and be on first name bases with this one.

As I've mentioned in the beginning of this post, this little discovery has lead me to a greater discovery, but as I have a limited attention span for blogging, I will tell you all about it in my next post.


athena said...

Oh what a beautiful mystery find!! I love grey & lots of buttons & velvet! I agree, I have never seen that online, in a catalog or in store (and I was just at my local store last week). Could it be a new item that has not yet appeared on the website? Nevertheless, I adore your new "mystery sweater".

Don't keep us in suspense for too long regarding your next post on your "bigger discovery"! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh wow, that is *beautiful*! did you buy it? you should snatch it up :)

sometimes i've noticed that pieces show up in my store (and it's not like my main store is a big one either) 2 - 3 weeks before they show up online. hope this one becomes available soon!

Anonymous said...

I work for Anthropologie and was able to get the SKU information for you. Let me know what size you need and I'll try to find a store that has it. It looks like a lot of stores have this in stock.

You can email me at

Julie Barna

Cricket said...

oh, i love the buttons on that sweater. so cute!!!

Lauren said...

I have actually noticed the same mysterious phenomenon at other stores....when an item will not appear online or in the catalog but somehow pops up in stores :) its fun!

bonjouritsjinah said...

I work for Anthro and from the tag in the collar and the paper tag, it looks like it's a Leifsdottir piece. This is our new wholesale brand. It will probably go up online later - some stores get in stock earlier than catalog/online.

DanDanNoodles said...

I love love love the buttons on that jacket

N + S said...

how gorgeous! you have a great eye.



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