Friday, November 23, 2012

Gorgeous New Sweaters + 20% OFF

Just when I thought there's nothing in particular that I'm dying for at Anthropologie, a few new arrivals came in to haunt me. Maybe I'll be taking advantage of the 20% OFF after all. And here I thought I was so good about not spending. Damn you, Anthropologie!

These new styles remind me of the "old Anthropologie" when every piece of clothing was a work of art. I love the rich textures and the attention to detail. Hope this is just a glimpse of more wonderful things to come.


roxy turtle said...

Looooove that Velveteen coat!

Sophie said...

Met too! Can't wait to try it on, along with the Beaucaire Cardigan.

roxy turtle said...

I just tried the coat on Sophie and it's LOVELY. It's at the Chelsea Market Anthropologie if you are looking to give it a go. :)

Sophie said...

Thanks for letting me know, Roxy.
I wasn't able to get to a store yesterday. Does it run true to size?


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