Friday, January 22, 2010

50's Do's and Dont's

I have a love-hate relationship with 50's style fashion. When all these 50's style bathing suits started appearing, on Anthro website, I thought they were cute and feminine.
Reality check. As cute as they may be, unless you're a die hard retro fan, wouldn't you feel just a bit awkward/self conscious wearing SUCH big bikini bottoms in public?
Maybe someone with a stick figure can pull it off, but wouldn't an average or above average size bum look ridiculous in some of these? I do like the one-piece bathing suits as they are more figure flattering.

50's Overkill

En Pointe Bikini

Wild Watermelon Piece
I have pictures of my grandmother, wearing an exact replica of this bikini (or rather the original version, this one being a replica). I remember thinking "how ever did she manage to keep that top ON?"

Revival Bikini

Natalie One-Piece
Very "Marilyn Monroe".

50's Done Right

Sunspots One-Piece

Stacked Odds Bikini
I like this one a lot. Wish it wasn't a halter.

Faint Breeze Bikini
I like the color, the pattern and the bottoms on this one,
but there is no way I would ever wear that top.

Switcheroo Bikini
Very close to perfect. Not too much and not too little,
nice color/pattern. My one regret is that it's a halter, which I guess I could live with, though ideally I prefer shoulder straps.


Hannah said...

I actually like the Natalie One-Piece. It might look a bit too 'formal' for a regular day at the beach, but it's cute.

And I always used to wonder the same thing about that bikini. You would have to pull that top up all the time.

Lady Cardigan said...

I actually like all of these except the first one. Especially the Natalie one-piece. They just seem more classy to me than typical modern swimsuit styles, I guess.

Taryn said...

Haha, I thought the same thing when I saw the new batch of high-waisted bikinis. Since I am obviously not a model I feel like I would look ridiculous! Pops to the ladies who can pull of the look though. And I do agree, the one piece is lovely.

Becky said...

I think most of those retro suits were cute! I'm older and pack a lot more meat than those models and I'd much rather wear stuff like the one piece. If I had to wear a two piece, I'd rather go with the one like the blue and beige polka dot set.

Katie said...

I so wish I had the money so the Sunspots one piece could be mine! Alas, not unless there's a supersale, but I'll keep watch just in case.

From a size zero who loves one pieces and doesn't feel quite comfortable in skimpy bikinis!


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