Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shoe Cravings

I don't think I buy nearly enough shoes. Time for a treat :-)

The Carraroe Heel, otherwise known as the Seychelles Potion Pump is at the top of my craving list. I love the vintage, 1930's - 40's style of these shoes and the contrasting color detail. Anthropologie only has size 7.5 left, but I found them on Endless for $79.95 in all three colors. Though I like the look of the cream/brown combo, I think I'd get more wear out of the brown/blue or the black/plum.

Always liked t-straps. The cute little heel hopefully makes these shoes really comfortable for walking, plus Biviel shoes are usually made out of the best quality, buttery leather.

Geox Donna Adele Mary Jane
Very sweet looking shoes. I like the scallops and the double buckle.

Clarks Wonderous Mary Jane Pump

Miz Mooz Kailia Mary Jane
As you can see, there's a pattern here. I'm addicted to retro style Mary Janes.

Clarks Artisan Taipei Pump
I already have these shoes in black and though I had some sizing issues initially (6.5 was loose, 6 pinched), I ended up breaking them in and now I love them. Considering getting the charcoal version as well. They're now on sale for $59.90


Mia said...

Nice shoes, Sophie! I really like the Seychelles and Geox ones. Now you have me totally wanting them and I really, really shouldn't buy any shoes right now!

I have a question- Are Geox and Seychelles shoes comfy? I need to buy comfy shoes for my trip this summer and would love to find something cute to wear. Killed my feet in London in December - went for fashion and not comfort!

I say feed your shoe craving and order a couple pairs!

goldenmeans said...

I love that style of Mary Jane, it's how I became obsessed with Chie Mihara shoes :) The Carraroe Heels/Potion Pumps are just gorgeous I think, I need 'em. And I love the little ruffle trim on the Geox ones too.

Jennifer said...

wow! my grandmother used to wear shoes like that! everything comes back!
Did you know Giada DiLaurentis's husband Todd works for Anthropologie? i met her in Atlantic City and told her Jade would be a beautiful name...she had said she was considering it bc her name means Jade in Italian~!

Sophie said...


I haven't had any experience with either brand as of yet. The heel on the Geox is a little lower, which for me personally would make them more comfortable. If I had to do a lot of walking, I would probably go with the low heel Biviel. Their shoes are usually super soft and feet friendly.

Mia said...

Thanks for the info, Sophie! I'll have to look into Biviel! :)

Kristine said...

Be still my beating heart. I love the cream/brown ones.

Athena said...

Great shoe picks. I too love the style of a retro mary jane. It's funny, Fergie even has a song about Mary Jane's. The Geox pair are my favorite!

Carrie said...

Oh thanks for the shoe links...I'm in love! I will be checking those out!

redium said...

I actually BOUGHT the Geox pair based on this posting! It was the last pair left and it just happened to be on sale 1/2 price and to be my size! They came this week and I LOVE them. The cream color and retro style is PERFECT for many of the new dresses from Anthro. I am wearing mine with my "Here and There Dress". They really finish off the look so nicely. AND they are the comfiest shoes in my closet. The heel is easy to walk in and the soles are so comfy. Perfect for days when I need to be on my feet a bunch for work. I HIGHLY recommend them if you can find them on a different webpage.

Sophie said...

How lucky that the last pair was your size! I'm happy for you :-).
Thanks for the review, I'll see if I can hunt down these shoes somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased the Geox ones at Marshall's for $40. I really like the low heel and it apparently "breathes" through the bottom of the shoe. They only had size 6's and 6.5's.


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