Monday, January 11, 2010

WANTED (Badly)

I became very attached to the Evolution Shoulder Bag on my last Anthropologie outing. It looks (to me), much better in person than it does in this picture. It's nice and roomy without being too huge and I always wanted a "Granny" looking bag.
I carried it around the store and it felt like we belong together. The only thing that stood between us is a little annoying piece of cardboard called price tag. This one read $198. Can't even contemplate this purchase in my current broke state. Still, I was not deterred and took it to the register to check if by some stroke of good luck the bag was really on sale. It was not :-(.
The bag and I had to part. I don't buy bags very often and don't own too many, but I can't seem to get this one out of my head. Since it's no longer on the website, I won't be able to check on it's sale status. If any of you lovely ladies who work at Anthropologie can please please please give me a heads up if or when this bag goes on sale in stores, you'd make me so very happy!
Alternatively, I do accept gifts and I think it's high time Anthropologie presented me with one for all the free PR.

Does anyone know who makes this bag?


SubWife said...

i feel your pain. purses are one thing in fashion i can go crazy about.

Bonnie said...

I also fell in love with this purse. My wonderful husband gave it to me for my birthday, in September. It is a lot of money, but so worth it! I was obsessed with it. I just checked the inside for you. It is made of "Lucky Penny", if this helps at all.

Tien said...

I actually think it went on sale a month ago. Maybe late November. I don't remember. I am pretty sure I saw it for $99.00

I hope I'm wrong and you're able to find it.

Sophie said...

That's funny. They scanned it in for me at the register and told me it was full price.

SubWife said...

Actually, the bag is still on the website.

Sophie said...

It mysteriously reappeared last night. I was checking for it earlier and it wasn't there. I think they have a low stock or got some returns in.

Suzi said...

FOUND YOUR BAG!!! Saw it today at the Anthropologie in San Francisco!
San Francisco Shopping Center
880 Market St.,
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 434-2210

hey_kate said...

the boston store also had a bunch the other day, however they were not on sale. i love this bag too and wish it would also get marked down, sorry :( if you feel you can't wait for a sale then this store is one of the anthros i would call.

elizabeth said...

Hi! I don't know if you'd be interested in it used, but one just popped up on eBay starting at $9.99 (not my listing):

Good luck, hope you get it one way or another!

Anonymous said...

Good evening! I actually found you by trying to find the Evolution Handbag by Lucky Penny, from Anthropologie. I, too, have coveted this bag since I first saw it. I , too, winced at the price. I actually found one in Houston, but the whole bag was lopsided...really, REALLY lopsided, or I would have bought it. My niece has the bag and LOVES hers. ANYHOW, I came home resolved to buy it online, and alas, the bag was no longer listed on the website. SO, I emailed their customer service, inquiring about the bag, if they had any way to check their various store's inventories, etc. and they emailed me right back and said that the bag was still available in extremely limited quantities. I ordered the bag, and have not gotten it yet, but just wanted to let you know that it is still out there!!!! Don't give up your search!!! Good luck!!!

Sophie said...

Hello Anonymous,

Congrats on finding the Evolution bag! It's interesting to know that Anthro still has a few, though it's not on the website.
I actually have mine already. Received it as a gift from husband :-). I was thrilled!
It's a good thing he ordered it when he did, since the bag never did go on sale.


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