Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheating on Anthropologie

To continue from my last post,

In my attempt to unveil the identity of the mysterious sweater I found at Anthropologie ( on sale!), I Googled in the name on the tag, Leifsdottir. Anthropologie came up first in the results, followed by Bloomingdales and Nordstrom . I clicked on Bloomingdales and surprise, surprise! I see some familiar styles.
What do we learn from this? That not all Anthropologie styles are made exclusively for Anthropologie. I knew this to be true for shoes and some accessories, but not the clothes.

Recognize these?

Anthropologie calls this "Morning Colors Dress"
Bloomingdales calls it "Octopus Flower Dress"

Center of the Sun Cardigan (image from Bloomingdales)

Fairy Cake Jacket (Bloomingdales calls it Patissarie Jacket)

Riata Skirt (image from Nordstrom)

Sylvan Scene Cardigan (otherwise known as Melange Sweater)

Now a question begs to be asked. If I wanted to buy any of the Leifsdottir designs, would I buy them from Anthropologie or elsewhere?
I do get immense satisfaction of making purchases at Anthropologie, maybe it's those little muslin pouches they put my receipts in, I don't know. I would probably take a peek at other websites to compare prices, though. There is no commandment that says "To Anthropologie, thall shall be true". If the price was the same, well, then the shipping charge would be the deciding factor :-). Think about this long and hard, Anthropologie.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mystery Sweater

On my recent trip to Anthropologie I made a little discovery, which lead me to a bigger discovery.
The little discovery was this pretty mystery sweater. The reason I call it a "mystery" sweater, is because I'm pretty sure it never appeared on Anthropologie website or in any of the catalogs. I was under the impression that all Anthropologie merchandise appears on the website, but it seems I was wrong.

This sweater is phenomenal quality with lot's of little details and it can be worn in a variety of ways. It's made out of a very soft woolly blend with velvet trim and velvet covered buttons with little embroidered buds.
Now I have a confession to make . I'm a sucker for velvet. I haven't seen enough of it this season at Anthropologie to satisfy my velvet cravings.

button detail
I like how the bottom curves to show a triangle of the velvet placket underneath.

The funnel neck has the same embroidered velvet on the outside and you can wear it up, rolled down, or opened.
Though you can't tell from my pictures, this sweater is semi-fitted with princess seams in the back. When I tried it on, it was figure flattering and felt soft and comfortable.

If anyone has any idea what this sweater is called, I'd love to know. Being that Anthropologie is big on giving all their articles of clothing a name, I'd prefer to continue the tradition and be on first name bases with this one.

As I've mentioned in the beginning of this post, this little discovery has lead me to a greater discovery, but as I have a limited attention span for blogging, I will tell you all about it in my next post.


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