Friday, July 30, 2010

Multi Use Curtain

While drooling over Brandon Kidd's photography, I came across these pictures of a lovely desert table at a wedding with Anthropologie Flamenco shower curtain used as a backdrop.
All you need is a little imagination, and your next household purchase can turn into a multi-purpose investment.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Sewing

Ok, I confess, I'm somewhat of a DIY type. Or more accurately a DIY wanna-be.
I'm very attracted to sewing and though my skills in that department are pretty limited, I do love all kinds of sewing paraphernalia. There's something very feminine, almost ritualistic, in the process of sewing and I find the even click-click sound of a sewing machine very soothing.
I love buying fabrics and looking up "how to" instructions on-line, telling myself that one day, when I'm not so busy, I will get to sewing some decorative pillows and twirly skirts for my daughter (pillows and skirts are about the extent of my sewing skills at the moment).

It seems that I'm not alone in my infatuation with sewing, since trendy stores like Urban Outfitters feel it's worthwhile to stock sewing machines and other sewing accessories. Neat.

Linen Dress Form - $300
Available in sizes 4-16

I always wanted a dress form like this one. Mind you, I don't actually have any draping skills (draping is what you do on a dress form), but somehow that doesn't seem to be much of an impediment to owning one. Besides, there are so many other uses for it. You can stick pins into it (it's a giant pincushion!), you can dress it up (for reasons known to you alone), or, and this is by far the most useful purpose for buying one if you don't actually drape, you can use it to take pictures of all those Anthropologie clothes you plan on selling on E-bay. Whatever the usefulness or lack thereof, I think dress forms are cool.


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