Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sifting Through the Sale Section

My Picks from the SALE section.

Lemon Mousse Sweater - $39.95 (was $78)
The name says it all! So soft and delicate with pointille blooms
and decorative flower buttons.

Pom Flower Pullover - $49.95 (was $98)
I like the "watercolor " look of the flower print
and the clean silhouette of this sweater.
The neckline detailing in the back adds an extra flavor
to an already lovely piece.

Wind Rush Blouse - $29.95 (was $58)
So fresh and summery looking. I prefer the white with blue,
but the yellow is nice too for someone who'd look good in this color.
The price is very reasonable,
I don't remember the last time I bought anything at Anthropologie for $29.

Day-In, Day-Out Dress - $59.95 (was $128)
Does anyone have this dress? I'm curious what it looks like on.
I like the silhouette, but I would change the belt and add a brooch to give it some color.

Two Rivers Dress - $59.95 (was $118)
It looks so flowy and flattering and the color is perfect for Summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who are you and what have you done with Anthropologie?

I received the most bizarre catalog in the mail today. The cover had some kind of abstract print design on it and so I didn't catch on right away what it was. On leafing through the pages it became obvious to me that I was looking at an Urban Outfitters catalog and not until I got to the home decor section did I start having doubts. What was I looking at? I didn't know Urban Outfitters sold the same furniture as Anthropologie. I went back to the cover and saw ANTROPOLOGIE spelled out in a rubbed off looking print at the bottom. What the he**? Did they start recycling clothes now between the two brands? I was under the impression that Anthopologie catered to a different age group? More financially secure and with better different taste. Granted, the Americana themed styling is very creative, but looks more like a cross between Urban Outfitters and the Sundance catalog.
The clothes too, have undergone some unwelcome changes. What happened to the well tailored, figure flattering styles I used to rely on Anthropologie for? Now everything is looking shapeless and dull. Did I mention ugly? Sorry Anthropologie, but it needed to be said.
Are the designers getting paid less due to the plunge in the economy?

The home decor section never disappoints...


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