Monday, October 27, 2008

Bouquet of Goodness

The Autumn Song Hoodie certainly makes me want to sing!

I love the combination of the fall color with spring hued embroidery and all the sweet details in all the right places. What a treat to wear a hoodie this lovely.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cold Weather Lovelies

It seems, the content of my last post has offended some Anthropologie fans. In case someone might have missed this fact while reading my blog, I adore Anthropologie. When Anthropologie impresses (which is quite often), I'm the first to gush about it. However I am not blind to the fact that sometimes, occasionally Anthropologie may skip a few beats and I'm here to state my humble opinion (by no means a fact) regarding the misses as well as the hits. Because Anthropologie is such a unique store, I have high expectations of it. Although Anthropologie is my first choice for buying clothes, it is not almighty and powerful and I don't have to worship everything that comes out of it. That said, here are some new, cold weather lovelies that I'm eying and to be fair, some of these did appear in the October catalog.
Kittiwake cardigan
Boiled wool is perfect for keeping away the frost and this cardigan
is not only functional but so classy and feminine.
Oration Blazer
I could never resist velvet blazers and I love this color!

Long Flight Home Coat
Labyrinth Gloves

Today was a chilly day in NYC. We went to Central park and the kids actually inquired why I didn't bring along their mittens. Now, I don't think it was quite mitten weather yet, but we seemed to be heading in that direction faster than I'd like. Got me thinking about how cozy it would be to warm up my hands in these delicious gloves.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victorian Overkill

As the October Catalog arrived in the mail, I was so taken with the beautiful photography and the exotic (in an Alaskan kind of way) scenery that at first I didn't contemplate the clothes much. Once I started looking at what I might like to wear from this catalog I was left with so few options. Most of the clothes did not appear wearable to me, which is of course a big disappointment. If I can't find something I like in Anthropologie, where in the world will I buy my clothes?
The Cairn Bolero Jacket above was a mistake. Instead of flattering the figure (something I expect clothes to do) it makes one appear short and fat (This may not apply to 6 ft tall anorexic ladies, but for future references, most of what I say doesn't apply to them). As for that ridiculous bow on top, I'm a firm believer that no woman over the age of ten should wear bows.

Little House on the Prairie?
Would someone please tell me what is attractive about this look? Yes, the photography is gorgeous, but the clothes people, the clothes! That skirt is sure to make any bottom look twice its size and who needs that? And don't even get me started on that blouse.
Lately Anthropologie has gotten a little too carried away with Victorian (or is it new England Protestant?) styles. A little ruffle at the cuff or the hem of a skirt never hurt anyone, but give us at least some figure flattering lines! I don't know about you, but I grew out of wearing clothes that placed me in another era a long time ago. I like my clothes to be interesting and out of the ordinary, but not in a way that will make me look like I just came off the set of dinner theater. (Just for the record I adore period fashion and can't get enough of movies that include it. If I lived two hundred years ago I'd probably be overjoyed to dress up in all those gorgeous gowns and riding jackets, although with my luck I might have been a peasant woman living on the farm and wearing gray sackcloth dresses.)

Victorian Overkill

What occasion would one have to wear this jacket? I'd like it much more if it didn't have that bow and all those buttons on it.
I could have handled this Haimaey blouse without the "old maid schoolteacher" collar and those ruffles down the front.

Belfries Tie-neck. Yes, a big bow around my neck is all I needed... to look like a POODLE!

Never could stomach ruffles anywhere in the vicinity of the chest.

Grrr, WHY?


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