Thursday, December 31, 2009

January 2010 Catalog

The January catalog is just gorgeous! It's been photographed in some alternate dimension, where joyously frolicking ladies wear sleeveless blouses and dresses in JANUARY. Not exactly my reality, but poetic and delightful nonetheless.

Around The World Dress
and Shoofly Trench

Tic Tac Toe Blouse

Floating Forthythia Dress

Sun Dot Dress

Speckled Ink Dress

Beanstalk Dress

On A Wing Blouse

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They Unshrunk the Underwear!

It seems like we went around full circle. Underwear reached it's smallest wearable size and now it's growing again! Yippee, big bloomers are back!

Nadia Underpinnings and shorts
Big underwear done right could look very poetic/nostalgic, wouldn't you agree?


Embrace underpinnings and shorts

Tiny Buds Bloomers

Hayward Briefs

Silhouette Brief
Ok, there's comfortably roomy and there's damn gigantic.
As in Bridget Jone's diary, don't get caught "naked" in these.

Be sure to arch your back when wearing your big underwear.
Without this seemingly minor detail the effect will be lost.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Of Viruses and Vexations

My apologies for being quite and antisocial for a while. I seem to be haunted by some bad luck. Nothing terrible, Thank God, just vexing.
I'll catch you up.
Let's see...
First I was sick, achy and drowsy for a week. Then, I developed a barking cough that kept me up at night. My primary Dr was too booked up on a Sunday and would not let me come unless I was dying. In retrospect, I should have convinced them that I was, but back then, my pride got the better of me and I went to a Pulmonologist who was willing to see me the same day. He diagnosed me with bronchitis and prescribed avelox antibiotics. On the third day I took the antibiotic I became nauseous, then dizzy, then the right side of my head, my neck and my chest became numb and prickly. This was seriously scary. I didn't know what was happening to me and whether this would result in something a lot more serious than bronchitis. I was sitting there, making deals with God, "If YOU"ll let me live, I will....(fill in the blank) and I will never....(fill in the blank)... again!"
Husband went on-line and read up on avelox. Turns out a bunch of people had this reaction, but no one wrote anything about the outcome. My primary physician finally called me back, reassuring me that everything I was feeling was a common reaction to this antibiotic and that I just had to wait out the symptoms and NEVER take it again (as if there was a chance of me doing so!). No way to detox, just drink water and suffer until it goes away. The effects lasted for about 12 hours.
Though I was somewhat reassured by my Dr, feeling alternating body parts growing numb and prickly was freaky enough for me to make all sorts of religious resolutions that night. What a fragile creature a human being is! The next day, still feeling dizzy, first thing I did was to fill out an application for life insurance. Just in case, ya know.

Of course by the natural progression of things, my son had to get sick right after me. A week of entertaining him at home made me feel ready to move in to a room with padded walls.

The next sequence of unlucky events:
1. Got a call from the credit card fraud department, that my ATM visa card # was stolen and used in India which put our bank account in a negative balance. Great! Husband and I wasted many hours filling out all kinds of papers in the bank, opening a new account, and still waiting for the balance to be refunded.
2. Computer got infected with the most annoying virus which I spent hours hunting down and killing. Thankfully my Dad walked me through it , since his computer got the very same virus the night before. People who write computer viruses should.....!
3. Husband got two tickets in one week. Parking and red light (claims he went on yellow and the lady cop was just delusional).
4. Coffee spilled on my lap top, destroying the keyboard. Had to use the on-screen keyboard for a week, typing at a snail's pace. Definitely no patience with posting while clicking one letter at a time.
5. Broke! So very broke! Oh, wait, that's nothing new but our permanent state. Very daunting.
7. I have a good fungus story too, but I'm too much of a lady to go into particulars.

On the positive side, our new (a bit bent, but still in working order) keyboard finally arrived in the mail and I can actually type with two hands. Never thought how much I might appreciate a good-old keyboard. I promise to put out a real post about something pretty that I can't have within the next couple of days (for those of you who are not yet completely turned off from ever visiting my blog again).
In the mean time, do try to appreciate the little mundane things we tend to take for granted while dreaming of the BIG things.
And stay off avelox.


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