Friday, August 6, 2010

Waste of a Day, Waste of a Coupon

Had a birthday coupon I needed to use up in July.
Decided to head to the Rockefeller center Anthropologie.
Made a really bad decision of driving instead of taking the train.
Did not find what I was looking for and ended up wasting the coupon on a mug and an apron. (Why the hell can't birthday coupons be used on line?)
Got back into the car at 8:15 PM.
Got home starving and exhausted at 10:20PM.
Apparently, Mr President decided to visit the big apple on the very night we ventured out in the car. Half of FDR drive was closed in honor of the occasion. Husband and I were inching away for two hours, fantasizing about all the food we would eat at home.
In the end, we ended up spending more on gas, parking and babysitting than what I gained by using my birthday coupon. I did, however, gain an immense appreciation for shopping on line.

Learned three very important lessons which hopefully will remain vivid in my mind.
1. Never drive to Manhattan without first listening to the traffic report.
2. Never drive to Manhattan without adequate food supply in the car.


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