Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soft & Pretty

Eye Candy!
Have a look at Anthropologie's new Soft & Pretty collection.

Graphite Garden Scarf - $38

Blind Embossing Scoopneck - $98

Miharu Tumblers - $48

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tap'd NY is a bottled water company that sells filtered NYC tap watter. The obvious question would be WHY? See, there's nothing really wrong with your tap water, unlike the bottled spring water which travels to you from distant lands and pollutes our environment in the process. They call it "wasteful practices". Is it my fault I don't live in Fiji? Can't I at least have a little taste of Fiji in a bottle?
When I first saw Tap'd bottles I said they must be joking. Why the heck would I be buying their water when I can drink the crap from my own tap?

While being on this subject, the husband came up with a new business venture.

Green Postal Service, or GPS.

You know how there are all these hitch-hikers out there who manage to travel cross-country at almost no cost? As long as they're doing it, why not have them deliver your mail?

GPS delivery time - indefinite. Our motto is MAYBE.
Save the planet by sending your mail the green way!

So now I need investors for our new company. You might be wondering why I need investors since our company has no expenses. Well, you see, being the CEO of GPS I have an Anthropologie dress code at work which requires funds. Lots and lots of funds.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cute as a Button

Check out these adorable styles for the little ones. There's a vintage storybook quality to these clothes that is so rare and lovely. They'll make a great gift for any mommy (the kids will have to wear 'em and love'm). I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to procreate (again). Wide-Eyed Beanie $34

Petite Souris Beret $34

Spotted Sweater Dress $68

Gone Fishin' Hat

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

30% OFF Ornaments

Anthropologie is finally throwing us a little bone. Get your Anthro card out and get 30% off ornaments now through December 8th. Although I was hoping for a similar discount off clothes, it's a start, people. Coincidently, now that there's an actual sale happening the Anthro site is not functioning due to maintenance (another first in my memory).

Sunday, November 30, 2008


One of the things I love about Anthropologie (after the clothes or possibly even before), is the constant flow of creativity. The Anthropologie team includes some great designers, photographers and art directors. As a result of collaborative efforts between these creative and imaginative individuals, you and I can constantly count on being entertained by new visuals such as these from the Glee collection. Thumbs up for the whole playful wire sculpture theme.
Boots with a life of their own never fail to amuse me.

There's so much character in this one.
The top hat and umbrella are a really nice touch.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FREE Shipping, Get Shopping!

Finally! Anthropologie is offering free shipping on orders over $200. Of course the grouch in me is saying "why only over $200?" But I guess it's pretty easy to spend $200 at Anthropologie. That reminds me, the bag I've been watching went on sale. Check your wish lists people, Tuesday is a sale day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dreaming of Blue Waters

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm obsessed with blue water and warm weather (and if I can be submerged in the blue water on a warm day, so much the better). Seeing Anthropologie's Getaway styles just when the temperature in NY has sunk into the thirties, makes me want to get on the next plane bound for anyplace in the Caribbean.
Oh, how loudly the blue waters and soft sands are calling my name.
It seems to me, though, given the prices of some of these bathing suits, that by the time you purchase one or two the only place you can afford to get away to is your own bathtub.

Beach Blink One-Piece -$228.
I love this one, although I do wonder how many of us over the age of 16 can pull it off.

Ferris Wheel Bikini - $176

Santa Monica One-Piece - $278.
Hmmm, feed a family for a week or buy a bathing suit? Tough choice.
Luckily this one is a hybrid, made especially for these tough economic times. You get a bathing suit, a top and a scarf all in one.

Stained Glass One-Piece - $128
This one would look good on just about anyone.
It's slimming, not too revealing and I love the back!

Shadowy Cove One-Piece - $248

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Presents Catalog

Anthropologie Gifts catalog came in the mail today. What a treat! Set amidst a winter wonderland, Anthropologie displayed some of it's gifts and lovely winter fashions.
Sylvan Scene Cardigan

I feel bad for the model in these pictures, who had to stand in the snow in pretty skimpy outfits to bring us the pleasure of shopping from this catalog. The poor girl must have been frozen. Then again, I'm sure there isn't a young model out there who would pass up appearing in an Anthropologie catalog for fear of catching a cold.

Matroyshka Measuring Cups - cute gift idea

This is my favorite page from the catalog.
It looks so magical, candlelight in the snow. It reminds me of a scene from the movie Legend when all the gnomes and fairies were frolicking in the snow.

Lantern's Glow dress
(This is model abuse I tell you!)

Another hairy man. (this one would be quite cute after a good shave, although I could have done without the tattoos).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Tis the season to be spending

This has been an expensive, yet very satisfying shopping week.
Sales, sales, sales. Those evil retailers really know how to get me to spend. I love this season and dread it at the same time. I love it because, not only do I get to take advantage of all the great sales and deals, but also because this is when my husband and I start shopping for each other's anniversary gifts. Double the spendings, double the fun. I dread it for precisely the same reason.

It started with 30% off at J.crew. I also opened a J.Crew credit card and received an additional 10 % off and free shipping! Can't beat that. Among other stuff I got a lovely coat, a purchase which was long overdue since my last dress-coat I bought 8 years ago in a thrift shop! It has served me well and I was pretty attached to it but by now the lining is all in shreds and I decided it was time to move on.
My shopping spree continued at Boden with 20 % off and free shipping (ends today). I'm proud to say I have resisted getting anything there for myself, but I did get a few cute pieces for my daughter.
On to GAP with 30% off coupon. Notice in this whole shopping excursion Anthropologie has not been mentioned. I just feel stupid paying full prices in Anthropologie while sales are raging everywhere else. I wish Anthropologie occasionally offered some percentage off all orders, not only sale items, but it seems Anthropologie is above such tactics (sigh...).
Also I'm still at a loss as to what to get my husband for our anniversary. Help! Men are just so low maintenance.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 2008

I know I'm kind of late with this post and by now, I'm sure all of you have seen the November catalog, but since it's so so beautiful, I can't imagine seeing it again (and again and again) could hurt. So here are some of my favorite pages, although I must say it was a tough choice since November doesn't disappointed in the least. So many beautiful sweaters, dresses and shoes!

I love the whole train theme which lends a sense of adventure and nostalgia to the catalog.

What a great way to display boots. The steam was a really nice touch.

Has anyone else noticed how the heroins of Anthropologie catalogs are always roughing it when it comes to men? The men that make their appearance in Anthro catalogs are always grizzly and foreign looking. Remember the fisherman from December? Whatever happened to the intellectual types with glasses? Or are those the men Anthropologie heroines leave at home while traveling through Europe? Since Anthropologie caters to professional women with a stable income, I wonder if such women fantasize precisely about the kind of grizzly men that appear in catalogs (always as an accessory), while being in relationships with stable professionals who wear suits and ties and carry a briefcase to work?

The pose and the lighting in this page is beautiful and could have been even more so, had the accessory man looked a little more alive . The arm he has about "his" lady is barely touching her and looks very stiff. I guess it's a tough job to be an accessory to lovely ladies.

Eastern Flyaway Coat - nice, figure flattering, feminine silhouette.

Fire's Path Dress

Tawny Garden Dress - I could never resist this color!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bouquet of Goodness

The Autumn Song Hoodie certainly makes me want to sing!

I love the combination of the fall color with spring hued embroidery and all the sweet details in all the right places. What a treat to wear a hoodie this lovely.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cold Weather Lovelies

It seems, the content of my last post has offended some Anthropologie fans. In case someone might have missed this fact while reading my blog, I adore Anthropologie. When Anthropologie impresses (which is quite often), I'm the first to gush about it. However I am not blind to the fact that sometimes, occasionally Anthropologie may skip a few beats and I'm here to state my humble opinion (by no means a fact) regarding the misses as well as the hits. Because Anthropologie is such a unique store, I have high expectations of it. Although Anthropologie is my first choice for buying clothes, it is not almighty and powerful and I don't have to worship everything that comes out of it. That said, here are some new, cold weather lovelies that I'm eying and to be fair, some of these did appear in the October catalog.
Kittiwake cardigan
Boiled wool is perfect for keeping away the frost and this cardigan
is not only functional but so classy and feminine.
Oration Blazer
I could never resist velvet blazers and I love this color!

Long Flight Home Coat
Labyrinth Gloves

Today was a chilly day in NYC. We went to Central park and the kids actually inquired why I didn't bring along their mittens. Now, I don't think it was quite mitten weather yet, but we seemed to be heading in that direction faster than I'd like. Got me thinking about how cozy it would be to warm up my hands in these delicious gloves.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victorian Overkill

As the October Catalog arrived in the mail, I was so taken with the beautiful photography and the exotic (in an Alaskan kind of way) scenery that at first I didn't contemplate the clothes much. Once I started looking at what I might like to wear from this catalog I was left with so few options. Most of the clothes did not appear wearable to me, which is of course a big disappointment. If I can't find something I like in Anthropologie, where in the world will I buy my clothes?
The Cairn Bolero Jacket above was a mistake. Instead of flattering the figure (something I expect clothes to do) it makes one appear short and fat (This may not apply to 6 ft tall anorexic ladies, but for future references, most of what I say doesn't apply to them). As for that ridiculous bow on top, I'm a firm believer that no woman over the age of ten should wear bows.

Little House on the Prairie?
Would someone please tell me what is attractive about this look? Yes, the photography is gorgeous, but the clothes people, the clothes! That skirt is sure to make any bottom look twice its size and who needs that? And don't even get me started on that blouse.
Lately Anthropologie has gotten a little too carried away with Victorian (or is it new England Protestant?) styles. A little ruffle at the cuff or the hem of a skirt never hurt anyone, but give us at least some figure flattering lines! I don't know about you, but I grew out of wearing clothes that placed me in another era a long time ago. I like my clothes to be interesting and out of the ordinary, but not in a way that will make me look like I just came off the set of dinner theater. (Just for the record I adore period fashion and can't get enough of movies that include it. If I lived two hundred years ago I'd probably be overjoyed to dress up in all those gorgeous gowns and riding jackets, although with my luck I might have been a peasant woman living on the farm and wearing gray sackcloth dresses.)

Victorian Overkill

What occasion would one have to wear this jacket? I'd like it much more if it didn't have that bow and all those buttons on it.
I could have handled this Haimaey blouse without the "old maid schoolteacher" collar and those ruffles down the front.

Belfries Tie-neck. Yes, a big bow around my neck is all I needed... to look like a POODLE!

Never could stomach ruffles anywhere in the vicinity of the chest.

Grrr, WHY?


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