Monday, April 7, 2008

New Sweaters I Adore

New additions to my Anthropologie wish list, absolutely lovely new sweaters.

Albizia Cardigan - $118

Pointelle knit with delicate embroidered mimosas by Guinevere.

Briny Deep Cardigan - $98
I love the sky color and the lace appliqué. I should mention though, that the item description on states that the sleeves are 3/4. That's a mistake. I tried this sweater on in a store and the sleeves barely reach my elbows (And I'm 5"3). Doesn't make much of a difference, the sweater is stunning, just mentioning the sleeves for accuracy's sake.

My newest purchase, Pointelle Cardigan - $68
It's light as a feather and has pretty dried-flower buttons. My husband said it looks "Folky", which is ok with me. I liked it in the black also but ended up buying the blue for variety's sake.
I should mention that this cardigan is very short. It just reaches to my waist which is perfect for me. However if you're taller than 5"4 it might look a little too cropped. It might be the look you're going for but then again it might not...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Things I find strange about Anthropologie

So I've had Magnolia drops saved in my wish list ever so long. I check my wish list every day, even a couple of times a day to see if anything went on sale. Yesterday I was excited to find that the Magnolia earrings were discounted from $248 to $129.95. I click on the picture in anticipation of a happy purchase, and what do I find? The earrings are sold out. Only the night before the earring were full price. Why in the world would Anthropologie show an item as being on sale if they don't have it in stock? So I called customer service to see if maybe the earrings can be located in any of the stores. They could not. The rep told me that the last pare was sold back in October. Now why the heck did they go on sale yesterday if the last pair was sold in October? I'd really like to figure this one out.

Another thing that puzzles me is the departure of free shipping for Anthro members. What happened to that? Since sizing can be an issue, buying clothes over the Internet is always a gamble. That's why free shipping was the winning point of having an Anthro card. Bring it back!

And last but not least.....
Why don't Anthropologie stores have a bathroom? If an average customer stays in the store for 40 minutes (more like 1 hour and 40 minutes in my estimate), you'd think they might need to use the ladies room at some point during that time. Instead I always have to run across the street to Gap. One does wonder if Anthropologie was accommodating enough to have a toilet, what would it look like?

April Catalog

We're still in Morocco...
How gorgeous is this cover?

The model looks so statuesque and regal in this photo.

I was a bit bored with the second story in the April catalog. I'm not so crazy about all the geometric shapes, somehow they distract from the clothes, and the model has a vacant expression on her face.


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