Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working at Home Sweet Home

I am so swamped with work lately that I have no time for anything; I barely see the light of day. Because of all my work, I never have time to go anywhere and it seems that the only place I wear my Anthropologie clothes is when I go back to Anthropologie to buy some more clothes. (That's either ironically pathetic or pathetically ironic.) In any case, I have no time for food much less for posting. However with two new Anthropologie catalogs out and me finally succumbing to some kind of phlegm coughing-up virus (excuse the details but it just pisses me off when I can't breath and talk at the same time), I decided I've earned some blogging time. So here I go.

I'm sure you're all aware by now that Anthropologie came out with their first ever (In my knowledge) Home Decor only catalog. In addition to selling cute accessories and quint furniture pieces, they now do custom upholstery. My theory is that it's all part of their world domination scheme. Did you know Anthropologie ships internationally now?
Here are some pages from the Furniture catalog.

I am so impressed with Anthropologie for making this dining area look lived in and kids-friendly. I love that they added a little kid's table with spilled cereal and the train tracks going around the table legs. It resembles breakfast in my home. Whenever I look at the squeaky clean and perfectly orderly rooms in catalogs such as Pottery Barn I always feel the lack of chaos that is part of everyday life and think this furniture would not survive a day with my kids. Thankfully Anthropologie art directors had enough foresight to include a little bit of chaos which makes people like me feel normal.

How cute! No one does display design like Anthropologie.

Anthropologie decorated kids room? Nice. I'd also like to see Anthropologie expand into maternity wear, though something tells me that may never happen.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Faces Behind the Feel

As your eyes savor each and every page of every new Anthropologie catalog, I'm sure you also realize that there must be a talented team of people that collaborated together to bring you just the right feel, just the right ambiance that makes Anthropologie what it is. (Anthropologie could probably charge a subscription fee for their catalogs.) I know I always wondered whose photography work I am looking at. After a bit of web-digging, I am posting (in no particular order) some stuff from the folks that bring you the Anthropologie feel.

David Eustace - Photographer (Agency: Bernstein & Andriulli)

David Eustace - a Scottish from Glasgow, (was once a Prison Officer in Sctoland - from his bio) shot the Anthropologie Stitch catalog. Here are some of his images:

Heather Chontos - Prop Stylist

The special stylistic touch of this particular arrangement, I must say, eludes me.

Ah, the skill of creating authentic randomness.

Robyn Glaser - Prop Stylist

Julian Wass (of Minh + Wass) - photographer

Julian and his wife Ngoc are a husband and wife team of photographers specializing in interiors. Here's some of his work for Anthro.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I dug up some of my old, cherished Anthropologie catalogs and found this picture of Scalloped Notting Hill dining table and Madeline chairs. This here is a picture of my dream dining set. The look is reminiscent of French country antiques and is so romantic. When the table just appeared at Anthropologie with a price tag of $1,498, I stood in the store stroking it and drooling. I was hoping that eventually it would go on sale and/or I'd come into some fortune and it will move into my humble dwelling. Alas, it was not meant to be. As far as I know the table is no longer available at Anthropologie.

The Madaline chairs still appear on, selling for $248. A little steep for me. I have them saved in my wish list, and I'm waiting and hoping for the chairs to go on sale (Or for me to strike it rich, that would be fine too).

Another much coveted furniture piece from Anthropologie was this Petite Patchwork Dresser. Sadly it's no longer available at Anthropologie, but that doesn't stop us from admiring the unique and gorgeous craftsmanship.

I've come to the happy part of this post. The Velvet Amelie Sofa is now on SALE! This is another gorgeous piece of furniture. Everything from the ecru carvings to the deep blue lush velvet says "I am not your average Seaman's sofa". The original price was $2,898 and now you can make your apartment sing for $999.95, the price I paid for my Seaman's sofa! There is a $250 delivery charge, but that's to be expected.

Friday, March 7, 2008


What is it about Frye shoes that gives them just the right balance between retro and contemporary? Frye styles are constantly popping up in Anthorpologie and Urban Outfitters catalogs, making me contemplate a one hundred and fifty-something shoe purchase.

I did a little Frye research on-line and found these Lisa Mary Jane Pumps on sale for $134.26 from Anthropologie sells the gold version of these shoes (also available from Endless) for $158.00 and calls them Sun Sheen Mary Janes. Since $134 sound better that $158, I think I'll treat myself to the black pair which luckily Endless still has in my size. With the free overnight shipping I should have them by Saturday and by golly I'll find where to wear them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dashwood Wedges on Sale!

Dashwood Wedges /Nina Dolls Women's Any Time Pump

These vintage inspired T-Straps are on sale at for $63.13 with free overnight shipping. Anthropologie is all sold out of them (original price was $88).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Moroccan Journey

The colorful, musical and fragrant Morocco has been an inspiration for Anthropologie's new line. Here is a beautiful image from the Moroccan Journey.


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