Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vintage Steamer Trunk

I found this trunk on Free People website and wanted to share it with you just 'cause it's so unusual.Looking for a new and original storage piece that doubles as conversation piece for your home?
Who needs dressers when you can play out your flapper fantasies and store your dainties in a vintage style Steamer Trunk.

Here is the description from Free People website:
A more feminine interpretation of the classic early 1920's steamer trunk. Brightly colored patchwork quilts cover the outside, while the inner drawers are lined with beautiful satin and decorated with hand-painted flowers. Once used to fit under the bunk of a steamship cabin, our modern day interpretation can be used as a decorative and functional piece in your home or wardrobe. The outer shell is made of thick plywood, while the drawers and decorative framework are made of Burmese teak, with brass hardware throughout. The trunk is 23.5" long, 23.5" wide, and 46" high.

The price tag on this piece of furniture/luggage engineering is $2700.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Internet Shopping 2.0

Anthropologie unveiled a new Adorned microsite which is a surreal garden of visual delight. If you can imagine what an Anthropologie themed video game would look like, this is it. The design, the planning, the production that went into this microsite must have been pretty colossal. Anthropologie took internet shopping to a whole new - very surreal, quite fantastic, totally innovative, a tad creepy, quite engaging and completely mesmerizing - new level. The whole thing feels like retail science fiction. Is this is the future of Internet shopping ?
Being that Anthropologie is known for their original display design and props, it's only logical that some of this "display design" has made it into their website.
The mini site consists of five themes;

This one's my favorite. Gorgeous accessories combined with gorgeous graphics. The song "Puff the magic dragon" comes to mind.


Uses streaming video as a way to display artsy accessories on live (very spaced out, staring into nowhere, occasionally blinking) models. The silence of the video, the solid background and the blank expressions on the faces of the models has a a bit of a 'solitary confinement in the insane asylum' feel to it. Yes, I get it, she's a work of art. Creepy.

Suddenly I'm in the mood for some tango. Remember the Besame Mucho scene from Great Expectations?

Has the feel of peering through a telescope into the Milky Way. At first scattered Anthropologie bric-a-brac appears dispersed on the white background, and 'click', you can zoom in closer, much much closer. Whoah I want that clutch closer! Look closely please, can you see my name on it?
This Tooled Leather Clutch is what I imagine carrying if a fairy godmother was sending me to a ball.

Catch those flying shoes!

When they put it this way, I don't nearly have enough shoes or bags. Darn it I'm jealous of Anthropologie's employee discount.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Anthropologie does know how to tempt a girl. ADORNED accessories catalog arrived in the mail today, what a treat!
Spearmint Tote

Make-Believe Tote - $588
Yaiks! Are the demographics of an Anthropologie customer moving up?
Chockablock boots - $348

Kisslock Tote - $188
Every kisslock bag I've ever owned was tiny. I love that this tote has the gorgeous retro shape while at the same time being plenty roomy for all those 300 things I can't leave home without. The price tag is a bit intimidating, hope this tote is still around for my birthday.

Scalloped Spat Boots - $298
Continental Clip Boots - $298

Portraiture Wrap - $48
So lovely and feminine. As always, I'm a total sucker for anything aqua.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Anthropologie Challenged

Let me start you off with a riddle:

Alabama has two, Alaska has none.

What is it? ...Don't know? Ok, I'll give a hint, it starts with an A.
You got it, Anthropologie! That's right two stores in Alabama and not one in Alaska. Big surprise there. (Can Alaska be technically considered a real state without an Anthropologie store?)

Since we're on the topic of words that begin with an 'A', how about some other fun ones.
Abstinence. Abstinence is very popular in Alaska.
Abortion. Abortions are just so Antiquated.
B-words anyone? - B is for Bristol.
Bristol's Been a Bit Bad...
Bristol does not like Abstinence.
Really though, I couldn't care less what Bristol Palin chooses to do with her life. Gosh, she's just seventeen. She's a kid; kids make mistakes. (I wish her 'mistake' turns out to be healthy and cute.)
With all the Buzz lately about the Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, and her being a woman and all, (a real lady - she can skin a moose, you know) with five children, I was beginning to feel left out being the only female blogger not having discussed her, hence I decided to throw my two cents in.

If only we can have a vice president (or a president for that matter), parading around in the ensembles above, wouldn't the world be a better place (geez I just pictured Obama wearing this stuff, not a good image). I think Palin is a hottie and Anthropologie should send her a complimentary wardrobe. Some fuzzy sweaters and frilly underwear should soften her up a bit. The question is, would she wear it?

Do comment with some more fun A-B words.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swimwear Sale

Yippie! Athleta is having a major swimwear sale. You can get half a bathing suite starting at $19, whereas their original swimwear prices used to start at $49 for half of a bikini. As much as I dislike overspending, I did splurge on a full price Athleta bikini once and it's my favorite one. The quality is good and I love the colors. Athleta makes tons of mix and match pieces which is good for mummies like myself with something to hide :-).
As you can see I still can't part with summer. I just can't help myself. Summer is my favorite season and it flies by way too quickly in NY. What better way to properly say farewell to summer than to stock up on some sale swimwear. Folks at Athleta, if you'd like to thank me for the promo by sending me a free bathingsuite, you know where to find me. Happy Swimming!


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