Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dressy Looks

Cause For Celebration Dress (ModCloth)

New Arrivals

Many of the new arrivals that are trickling in have French 50's overtones to them. Very feminine and thankfully a little more figure flattering than what we've been seeing so far. Though we are still in the throws of winter (google NY snowstorm), these new styles in fresh, happy colors make me anticipate Spring.

Sun Shades Dress

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Storm Shopping

Today, retailers are enticing us with major sales. We're snowed in. Do the math.
I'm really trying to be prudent with my purchases, but I did wait for precisely this day, hoping that certain items would go on sale and refusing to buy them at full price. My patience has paid off. Here is the roundup of some websites I like to shop from and their current deals.

Talbots - sale items upto 60% OFF, + 25% Off select new styles.

Anthropologie - 25% Off sale clothes, accessories and shoes.

Sundance - Extra 30% Off sale items
Penelope Dress

Tulle - 25% Off entire site + FREE shipping
Wide Collar Sweater Coat

French Connection - Take an additional 50% OFF sale items.
Promo code 50FCLM (Ends Jan 3rd)
Flight of Fancy Top

J.Crew - 30% OFF Final Sale + Free Shipping on orders of $150.
Use code SHOPNOW

Thursday, December 23, 2010

UPDATE On Price Discrepancy

Received an e-mail from Allison, Ecommerce operations manager. Once again, she apologized for all the confusion. The price discrepancy was caused by human error which, let's face it, can happen to anyone. So now we know Anthropologie is run by humans and not by Stepford's wives. The prices on-line were meant to be what they were in the store and not the other way around. I'm still of the opinion that Anthropologie could have handled this better by simply swallowing their mistake.
The good news is Anthro will be honoring the lower price for anyone wishing to replace their order. So ladies, if you had your order canceled, please call back customer service and have them put it right.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little Discrepancy

Ahh, the plot thickens...
Received an e-mail from Anthropologie Community Manager apologizing for the situation with the canceled order (see my last post). She said the items were not recalled as I was told, but that there was an internal error. What does that mean exactly? We shall see.
Went on Anthropologie website, and lo and behold, both the Exbury Gardens Cardigan and the Winter Solstice Wrap are back in the sale section. All sizes seem to be in stock. However, if you actually ordered either of these sweaters yesterday and had your order canceled like I did, you might want to go back to your original order confirmation e-mail and compare the prices listed there with the current prices on the website. See the discrepancy?

Here is a clipping from my e-mail.

If you can't read the tiny print, after the 25% discount, I paid $52.46 for the Exbury Cardigan and $59.96 for the Winter Solstice Wrap.
Currently, the prices on the website are $79.95 for the Exbury Cardigan, which would make it
$59.96 after the discount, and $99.95 for the Solstice Wrap, which would make it $74.96. It's pretty sleazy of Anthropologie, to cancel orders that had already been placed because they messed up and under-priced (as if that can happen with Anthropologie) the items and then to bring back the very same items next day at a higher price. Can they really get away with this? What should have happened, is that they should have swallowed their own mistake and honored the listed prices for the orders that were already placed.
It seems that this switcheroo situation happened with quite a few on-line items, leaving a lot of loyal customers very disappointed. Prices were also marked higher in stores than yesterday on-line (read this post by Anthroholic). Anthro quickly fixed this by cancelling yesterday's orders, pulling the items off the site, and bringing them back today at a higher price. This is appalling and quite possibly illegal. On top of all that, plenty of customers were lied to by customer service. And here we were, being all excited about the bone Anthropologie was throwing us with the "extra" discount. As one of my husband's students said in regards to holiday sales, "Prices that are usually double are now half off".
Will Anthropologie make it up to their customers for this behavior, or will the loyal ranks of Anthropologie addicts be thinning out?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Order Has Been WHAT???

I started the day as a happy customer and now I'm a confused, annoyed and generally unhappy one.
So here is the progression of today's shopping events. This morning, I ordered the Exbury Gardens Cardigan and the Winter Solstice Wrap. I was happy that both were available in my size and I got the 25% discount which made the sale price even better. I received an email confirmation of my order and contently settled to taking care of business.
Later in the afternoon, I received an e-mail telling me that both sweaters were removed from my order because they were no longer available. "Well that's strange", I thought. When my order went through the sweaters were in stock. I called customer service and was given the strangest answer I've ever heard. Ready? (This is good). Both cardigans were RECALLED.
-What? Sweaters recalled? As of a couple of hours ago?
-Yup, that's right. You know how toys and appliances get recalled all the time? Well, we had to recall these sweaters.
-I'm confused. Do they burst into flames?
-Well, there might have been some defects in the new shipment.

This sounds particularly strange to me, since the two sweaters are from different brands. It's just too much of a coincidence that both brands that I happen to have ordered suddenly got recalled. I really wonder if all this is connected to the 25% discount in some way. Could it be that Anthropologie just wanted to clear out the stores but was not as interested in over-discounting their on-line merchandise? I wonder if these sweaters will suddenly reappear again after the holidays.
Did anyone else have a similar experience with any sale items today?
Or am I just jinxed when it comes to shopping? (I probably should be, considering the poor health of my credit cards).

P.S. I did find the two "recalled" sweaters through a store. It's annoying that I had to take that extra step in order to order what I wanted. If I had any pride, I'd be boycotting Anthropologie right about now, but luckily for Anthro, an addiction doesn't leave room for pride.

Best of December SALE

Today has been a good sale day in Anthropologie Land. Not only did many coveted sweaters went on sale, but you get an additional 25% discount off the sale price and free shipping on orders over $75!

Here are my favorites from the sale section.

Cable Pathways Sweater

Sculpted Anemone Cardigan

Winding Willow Sweater

Winter Solstice Wrap

First Pick Cardi

Exbury Gardens Cardigan

Glad Rags T-Strap

Dusky Begonia T-Strap

Thursday, December 16, 2010

25 % OFF Anthro Sale

For the first time in my memory, Anthropologie has actually stooped to taking a percentage off jewelry and sale items, like ALL the other retailers. Did this ever happen before? Not that I recall. Maybe this sudden generosity has something to do with all the butt-ugly, cheaply made stuff they've been putting out lately. Sorry Anthropologie, but someone had to say it.

The discount should automatically apply to items in your cart at checkout.
It doesn't seem to apply to kid's sale clothes though, which is the only thing I actually wanted to buy at the moment. I suppose if I was interested enough, I could call and discuss this with customer service, but I'm just too lazy at the moment to put in the extra effort.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Max Out by Tuga SALE

The cutest kid's swimwear from Max Out by Tuga is on SALE today at Zulily.
Everything from this line is rated UPF 50+

Not many of us are thinking of bathing suits in January,
but these are so unusually cute and the sale prices are just right.
Sizes are going fast though, so don't procrastinate!

More color combos are shown on Zulily website.


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