Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dish Display

One day I hope to have a dish display worthy of all the
artistically mismatched dishes I've collected.

via Belle Maison

Friday, August 5, 2011

Engagement Session - Citrine Rose Peplum Dress

Check out this dreamy engagement session
done by my photography idol, Jose Villa.
The bride-to-be is wearing Citrine Rose Peplum Dress from BHLDN.

Click HERE to see more images from this session.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knitted Dove Sale

Knitted Dove Sale today at Zulily.







Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ugly and Uglier

Browsing through the new arrivals on Antho site, I ask myself, am I the only one who's not a bit tempted by this assortment of oddities? It seems to me that the styles have gone from bad to worse. With very few exceptions, the current stock is simply hideous! I'm sooo tired of all the grandma blouses, hobo sweaters and ugly prints that are seriously lacking in refinement!
To illustrate how bad I think the clothes have become, I'll share with you what my 15% birthday coupon was used for. A tablecloth! Isn't that pathetic?
I think it's very clear to all long term Anthropologie customers what's missing. What perplexes me, is why it's taking Anthropologie so long to catch on? I'm getting impatient.

Chubu Caftan
Lovely, if you're living off the grid and having 70's flashbacks.

Sofya Cropped Jacket
80's? No, please!

Well Spotted Blazer
What the ****?!

Quilted Eclipse Blouse
This looks like the uglier version of something my Grandma used to wear.

Placed Pixels Blouse
Bozo wants his shirt back.

Metamorphose Poncho
Another one of those hobo styles Anthropologie is currently so fond of.

Critter Carnival Tunic
Maybe if you're the mustache lady at a carnival?

Checker Table Cape
No, it's not cute. Yes it's ugly.

Dear Anthropologie, please refer to your catalogs from 2002-2008 for a reminder of what it is your customers have come to expect from you, and ask yourself, are the current styles consistent with our original vision? Heck, I really don't mind if you just recycle your old styles, it would be a big big step up from what is being currently offered.


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