Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As I was browsing Anthropologie website, I came across these bloomers. BLOOMERS???
Why? Someone explain the attraction of these to me? Are they supposed to be cute? Do they enhance your bottom? Would anyone wear these in front of a man?
Sometimes Anthropologie gets just a little carried away with the whole "retro" thing. Next thing you know they'll be selling sleeping caps.

Berry Sprinkled Bloomers

Is this where we're heading?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Aprons

Behold the evolution of the common household apron. No longer just a piece of horrendously hued, shapeless broadcloth strapped on to protect our clothes, Anthropologie aprons come in a wide variety of styles and fun patters to brighten up our mundane chores (and make us appear easier on the eyes of onlookers). Retro, shabby chic, French maid fantasy, crafty mama and everything in between, whatever your style may be, these aprons will make you dance around your kitchen (would also make a nice supplementary gift to jewelry, hint, hint).

Sewing Basket Apron

Sweet & Lucky Apron

Parisian Cafe Apron

Owl Invasion Apron

Farm Fresh Apron

Floral Frock Apron

Big Frills Apron

Stockholm Floral Apron

3-D Toile Full Apron (also comes in half-apron)

Jitterbug Apron

Fruit Stand Apron

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Impressions

There's nothing about the January catalog that says "January". I know retailers are always ahead of seasons, but it's still winter where I am. Hopefully by the time I'll be in spring mode, most of this January goodness will go on sale.

With-The-Sun blouse - $98
So delicate and feminine, this one is a personal favorite.

Willow's Weep dress - $218
It's completely beyond me what is it about this dress that justifies the price.

Waiting-for-Poems sheath - $178
Lovely colors and embroidery.

Every time I receive a new Anthropologie catalog, I play "name that place" game, whereby I try to figure out where this catalog might have been shot. This looks like Europe, but definitely not France or England. Prague? Latvia? Poland? What do you think?
View From Above cardigan - $88

This picture of Prague looks like the background on page 5.

The-Road-Ahead dress - $188
This will sound complete fashion-backward, but how do you wear a bra with this dress? And if you don't...well that poses even more problems...

Happenstance pencil skirt - $118
This is another one of those Anthropologie bloopers. Apperently every catalog needs one. The combination of garish colors and patterns on this skirt makes my skin crawl. The backlit photo is gorgeous though.

Cirrus Bedding

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Heads up!
Checking my Anthropologie wish list today was very satisfying, as a whole bunch of winter stuff went on sale, including the adorable kid's knits I've been admiring in one of the previous posts.

The only thorn in my sale euphoria is the shipping fee. Anthropologie has this retarded way of calculating and overpricing shipping charges based on item's price, not the weight. Will I ever see the day when Anthropologie adopts a standard shipping fee like so many other on-line retailers?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here's to you, Mrs Tymoshenko!

Anthropologie's choice of model and her hairdo for the December catalog seems to be paying tribute to the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Ranking #17 on the Forbes list of world's most powerful women, Tymoshenko was doubted the Ukrainian "Joan of Arc" by her supporters for standing up to the corrupt Kutchman regime under the banner of "Raise up Ukraine!"

Tymoshenko's signature look is a braid wrapped around her head which has been compared to a halo of sorts. Apparently the braid is not worn as a fashion statement, but is supposed to be a powerful political and cultural symbol.

Tymoshenko has often tried to capitalize on the revival of the church in Ukraine, and the braid echoes the halos found in representations of Orthodox Christian icons.
The success of her look can be seen in central Ukraine. In a village home, an elderly woman posted a photo of Ms. Tymoshenko right next to that of a traditional Orthodox icon.
Ms. Teplyuk seemed to regard both with equal fervor.
Tymoshenko has tried to play up that view with her other signature look, white clothing, which is intended to show her purity in the face of what she has called a corrupt political and business culture. - Clifford J. Levy


Tymoshenko inspired milkmaid-braid trend?


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