Friday, April 23, 2010

LiaMolly SALE

LiaMolly Swirl sale is on at Daily Candy!
Sale ends Wednesday 4/28.

The Glassflower cardi, otherwise known
as Emira top is $89.00 ($148 at Anthropologie). Gotta love a good deal!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Sale Picks

Happy Sale Day!

If your size doesn't appear on the website, call customer service and ask them to do a store search. You should get free shipping (just remind them) on any item that's out of stock on the website.
Player's Jacket - $59.95 (was $118)

Solar Star Blouse - $49.95 (was $98)

Spirited Stitches Cardigan - $49.95 (was $98)

Pleated Pencil Skirt - $49.95 (was $88)

Airy Eyelet Skirt - $89.95 (was $168)

Cherie Dress - $99.95 (was $188)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


LiaMolly is a dreamy knitwear collection designed by Seema Sudan, formerly a sweater designer for Anthropologie. Based in New Orleans, the LiaMolly brand is deeply rooted in the culture of knitting and inspired by traveling the globe and discovering magical places.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm completely awed by practically all of this brand's designs. High quality + happy colors + flattering fit = PERFECTION!

Daily Candy was supposed to have a LiaMolly swirl sale today, but it seems it's been postponed to, as of yet, undisclosed date. And here I was, glued to my computer with a credit card in hand. I will keep you posted on when this sale will take place. Hopefully soon!

Selling now on

Lovelies from past collections

Remember these gorgeous kids knits?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Show and Tell

My daughter turned eight on Sunday, and in honor of her birthday we headed to the city to purchase a long coveted American Doll. Mind you, hubby and I are not the type of people who believe in purchasing cult-dolls that cost $100, but luckily for our daughter, she has grandparents who were willing to oblige. Since the doll store was only two blocks from the Rockefeller center Anthropologie, and my mom had a gift card to empty out (does one really need a reason to go to Anthropologie?), the three of us had a grand time of it.
In honor of the occasion, I had my sister's point-and-shoot-camera on me, with which I was able to snap away inconspicuously, unlike my chunky SLR, which they always make me put away in the store.

Cardboard Chandelier

Couldn't quite capture the full beauty of this set up
with the crappy point-and-shoot, but this shelf,
displaying an assortment of glass perfume bottles with metal lamps over them,
looked like something out of a period film.

My little big girl posing in a cozy nook, reminiscent of a tropical Paradise.
Wish I had the skills to construct something like this in my house.

I don't do this "pictures of me in the dressing room, review thingy" too often, but having a camera on me and finding something surprising and delightful, I felt it my duty to share.

This sweater jacket by LiaMolly is not on the website, hence I was pleasantly surprised to come across it. It fits my taste perfectly; amazing quality, flattering, unusual yet not too overdone. It looked like something Anthropologie would have carried 4-5 years ago when their clothes still had timeless appeal.
The sweater is a chunky cotton knit and the buttons are knitted too! I'm wearing size XS which I still had a little bit of room in, not too much, but just enough to make it comfortable.
On researching the brand, I learned that this sweater is from LiaMolly's, 2009 collection. Not sure how and why it made it to the Anthropologie shelfs now, but I'm glad it did.

When I went home, I browsed though LiaMolly's website and came to the conclusion that I am completely in love with practically all their designs. Wish Anthropologie would carry more of them. I'll put up pictures of more LiaMolly lovelies in my next post.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here Comes The Sun!

April 2010 Catalog
The anticipation of sunny days and outdoor outings always produces
a craving to refresh my wardrobe.
Spring=renewal, you know.

Cooling Palette Dress

Slow Melt Tank
Coming and Going Skirt

Everywhere Dress

Coil Flower Tank (will have to be mine!)

Whirl and Wind Cardigan

Catmint Dress

Cattleya Cardi
Someone, please give the poor girl a Tylenol!

Beach Find Bottles

Anthrurium Blouse

Sunrise and Midnight Dress

Cooling Palette Dress

Spiny Lobster Rug
I find this rug so creepy! Maybe it's just my aversion to creatures with more than four legs.

From the Deep Dinnerware

Watercolor Aviary Duvet

Bright Morning Teacups


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