Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rare Anthropologie Ebay Finds

As you know from my previous posts, one of my favorite ways to waste time is to scout Ebay for rare and well priced Anthropologie finds. Here are some hard-to-find styles that caught my eye. I'm in no way affiliated with any Ebay sellers and my only reason for posting these is my appreciation for Anthro goodies and good deals (ok, not all of them are good deals, but pretty nonetheless).

Check out this coat-dress by Floreat from 2008. It's packed with unique details you'd expect to see on a Floreat design, like a double collar, waist tabs with buttons, gathers in the front and back and floral embroidery at the hem .
Size 0
New with tags
Starting bid - $189.99 (pretty hefty, but if it rocks your boat...)

Lace Medallions Skirt by Viola
Size: 0/2
New without tags
Starting bid - $39.99

New Rice Cardigan
Size - Small
Starting bid - $39.99
Excellent, pre-owned condition

You get the whole outfit!
Cotton Plaid Jacket by Elevenses,
and Fern Lace Skirt by Odille
Size 6
New without tags
Starting bid - $120 for the set

Folkloric Skirt by Odille
Size 4
Starting bid - $49.99

Fetching Landscape sweater by Leifsdottir
Size - L
(Also in yellow in XS)
New with tags
Starting bid - $154.99

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress for Spring

Happy new arrivals!
So many fresh looking styles have sprouted on the Anthro site. I'm happy to see some lively colors for a change, all the grays and beiges were getting on my nerves.

Among the new arrivals, there's a nice array of dresses. I don't know about you, but I always feel special when I'm wearing a dress.

Equinox Calling Dress
This one is definitely calling me, but I think it's beauty can only be fully appreciated in an exotic, tropical location.

Endless Chevrons Dress

Drifting By Dress

Caballo Falls Dress

Bayan Dress

Beda Dress
This one's got some lovely detailing that is hard to see in the picture. It's shapely and feminine, but I wonder if a white dress would make me feel a little too precious.

Sand-Skimmer Dress
A little mis-styled in my opinion. The top and the bottom look like
the belong on two separate dresses. There's something of Dr Quinn in it.

Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Curling Posies Cardigan
Definitely my color!

Dreaming In Green Skirt

Glassflower Cardi

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Headwear For Little Ones

All of these hand knitted hats are so precious, I can't make up my mind which I like most. Now, all I need is a baby to go with them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fiber Optics Dress

Drooling over the Fiber Optics Dress!
It's so lovely, I might just have to buy it
....when it goes on sale.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Dresses

I love dresses!

Traversing Dress - $148
This navy voile dress is adorned with delicate eyelet vines at the hemline and bodice.

Amsterdam Dress- $168
A little too much happening on this dress for my taste,
but I can appreciate the uniqueness of it.

Daily Gathering Dress - $188
The style looks flattering, but I wish it wasn't gray.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Ebay Finds

Size - 4
Buy It Now- $39.95

Libretto Blouse by Floreat
Size - 6
Current Bid - $26.77

Marimekko Blooming Branches Dress
Sizes: 6, 10
Starting Bid- $79.99
Buy It Now - $89.99

Embroidered Blouse by Floreat
Size - 8
Buy It Now - $39.99

Scalloped Hem Skirt by Odille
Size - 8
Buy it now-$39.99
I have this skirt and I love it! It's made of high quality cotton canvas.

Sequins Embroidered Skirt
Size - 2
Current Bid - $42


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