Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Sale Picks

I know that you know that there's a sale going on!
(Please insert your own punctuations as you feel necessary.)
Among the heaps of shapeless lumps of jersey, a few gems
can be found. Here are my picks from the sale rack.

Gladiolus Skirt - $49.95

Apothecary Skirt - $49.95

Quechua Dress - $89.95

San Pedro Skirt - $39.95

Organic Chemistry Sweater - $129.95

High Gloss Belt - 19.95

Lavender Fields Peasant Top - $119.95

Chain Stitch Tee- $39.95

Dutch Yellow Shift - $79.95

Sunrise Shirt Dress - $89.95

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More LiaMolly!

Another LiaMolly SALE today at Swirl!

Anabelle Top

Babette Jacket, or as Anthropologie calls it, Organic Chemistry Sweater

Thalia Dress

Isabella Dress

Ellie Sweater


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