Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely E-bay Finds

Silk Accordion Skirt from Gift 2005 catalog.
Currently at $24.99 with free shipping

Size - 6
Current Bid - $24.75

Size 4
Current Bid - $15.50
I bought this blazer when it was on sale at Anthropologie
and it's one of my favorite pieces.
It's very feminine and nicely tailored. The front is shorter than the back and may be more of a high waist on a taller frame. I'm 5"2 and the top of the peplum hits me right at the waist.

Size 8
Size - 8
Current Bid - $24.99

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello dear readers. You might have noticed that it's been a long time since I last posted. Sorry if I disappoint, but I just haven't been inspired lately. Please address all complaints (if there be such) to Anthropologie who let my inspiration run dry. As you can tell, this will be another whining post. Anothropologie and I were very happy together, but then everything changed.
I don't remember precisely at which point my thoughts on receiving a new catalog in the mail went from "What in this catalog can I possibly live without" to "let me see if there's anything wearable here". I suppose it must have happened gradually over the past two years. On one hand it's somewhat liberating not to have to worry about splurging on yet another sweater I can't afford. On the other hand I miss the flow of serotonin which resulted from buying an article of clothing that I knew I will love to wear for years to come.

So here's a little reminder of the Anthropologie I miss.
From Gift 2005 catalog.

Hudson Coat

Sensu Cardigan

Peppermint dress

Velvet Jewelry Boxes
I remember seeing these in the store and I'm
still kicking myself for not bringing one home.

Evening Slumber Skirt (I want!)

Tulle Tuxedo Blouse

Abbey Jacket

Silk accordion skirt

Vanilla Field Coat

Beaded Collage Frames

Notice how original and luxurious the clothes appear. Also, everything seemed more figure flattering back then. I feel like an old timer who says in a screechy voice "I remember when a bottle of lemonade cost two cents". I'm not that old, I promise. Oh dear dear. How I do wish the Anthropologie of yesteryear would return.


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