Monday, April 7, 2008

New Sweaters I Adore

New additions to my Anthropologie wish list, absolutely lovely new sweaters.

Albizia Cardigan - $118

Pointelle knit with delicate embroidered mimosas by Guinevere.

Briny Deep Cardigan - $98
I love the sky color and the lace appliqué. I should mention though, that the item description on states that the sleeves are 3/4. That's a mistake. I tried this sweater on in a store and the sleeves barely reach my elbows (And I'm 5"3). Doesn't make much of a difference, the sweater is stunning, just mentioning the sleeves for accuracy's sake.

My newest purchase, Pointelle Cardigan - $68
It's light as a feather and has pretty dried-flower buttons. My husband said it looks "Folky", which is ok with me. I liked it in the black also but ended up buying the blue for variety's sake.
I should mention that this cardigan is very short. It just reaches to my waist which is perfect for me. However if you're taller than 5"4 it might look a little too cropped. It might be the look you're going for but then again it might not...


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think the Absinthe heels will never go on sale. Bah!

Sophie said...

That could be. Some items get sold out without ever making it to the sales rack.

Anonymous said...

That one piece bathing suit that's in the catalog--it's blue with a white rope at the top--I bought that for full price last summer. They've got it in some of the stores now, at full price.

I think this may be the fate of my heels. Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Finally. They put 'em on sale today. Woohoo!

Sophie said...

Where, where?!
They're regular price on the website!
Off the topic I'm so so so so annoyed about lack of free shipping. 10 or more dollars for shipping just seems so extreme. Sorry I just had to complain to someone. I haven't ordered anything from the website since Anthro discontinued free shipping :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome.

First of all, I LOVE your website. Just discovered it yesterday. My parents live in the US, but I live in Canada, and anytime I go to visit them my first stop is always Anthropologie. I love the uniqueness of everything they have, and especially since it hasn't hit Canada yet (although that will change in the next few months).

Anyway - I was given the Pointell Cardigan (in black) as a gift back in the Spring, and I just was never able to figure out what to wear it with. I am wondering if you can tell me how you wear it. I am taller, so it does sit a bit short on me, and I just find the sleeves to be a bit TOO baggy/flowy. I don't know how to wear it without it looking like a leftover crocheted cardigan from the 70's!? The buttons are beautful... And I know there's got to be a way I can make this work on me!

Thanks again for an awesome blog!

Sophie said...

Hi Mary,

I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog!

About the Pointell cardigan, truth be told I don't wear it so often. I still think it's beautiful, but I wish it was a little longer.
When I do wear it, I usually wear it closed over a tight fitting tee with a long gypsy skirt.

Sarah said...

I agree with you. The briny deep cardigan is to die for. Are you or do you know anyone who's looking to sell? I don't care if it's new or used, but a size xs would be wonderful.


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