Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Feeling Theatrical

Ok, I know I'm late with this post and I know being busy with work is just not a good excuse, still, I just couldn't let June go by without putting up some pages from the GORGEOUS June catalog. This is not just one of those "Here's a shirt, here's a skirt" catalogs. Each page is to be savored. Out of all the catalogs I receive in the mail (and believe me I receive plenty), Anthropologie catalogs are the only ones I save after they've outlived their usefulness. The photography and design in these catalogs is so inspiring, I simply cannot part with them.

I love everything about this story. The drama, the colors, the lighting, it's all in perfect harmony.

A beautiful sun-kissed image.
It seems that kids are the new coolest accessory this season.
I must be at the very frontier of fashion!
Seriously though, I love seeing kids in fashion catalogs,
it says that beauty is not only reserved for 19-year olds with no stretch marks.

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