Monday, August 4, 2008

August Catalog

Here 's a little preview of my favorite pages from the August '08 catalog. These sweaters are beautiful, but as I've mentioned once before I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet and so I'd like to be in denial of such things as sweaters and coats.
This Rockrose Cardigan makes it a bit challenging to be in denial of the upcoming necessity of sweaters. I also really like the green version of it.

This peacock dinnerware is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I received my catalog in the mail today! I look forward to the new Anthropologie Fall sweaters every year. I can't wait to wear the ones I already have as I am very tired of the 105 temps here in Texas! Unfortunately, it will not turn to sweater weather here until Thanksgiving at the very earliest.

Anonymous said...

I've been ogling a number of things at Anthropologie, but I've been debating on whether to plunk down the cash for a full-priced blouse by Sanctuary. You seem very knowledgeable about Anthropologie, so I'd like to ask you: Is it worth it to wait for an Anthropologie item to go on sale? (I'm always worried about my size being sold out -- which often happens. I'm afraid I'm not very good at waiting for sales.)

P.S. I really enjoy your blog.

Karyn said...

Was in an Anthropologie early this week and had to hold up at least 20 sweaters to imagine how fabulous they would be in my wardrobe!

Love your blog and love that I know just where to go for Anthropologie specific posts.

I used your mushroom photo in a post and linked back to you, I hope that is okay. They're just so adorable!

Sophie said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think the question is, is it worth it to you? Although a lot of items end up being on sale in 2-3 months, some items never even make it to the sales rack and if they do, your size being sold out is always a possibility. There's also the consideration of being able to wear the blouse you like TOMORROW as apposed to 3 months from now. It all depends on how much you like it vs your budget. I personally tend to be pretty patient with most items and eventually I do get them on sale.
Mostly that's because I'm not as clothes obsessed as people might think I am. If the item I like sells out before going on sale, I can live with that. I do make full price purchases once in a while when I have a particular occasion I need to wear them at or if I really fall in love with an item and just can't get it out of my head. In that case purchasing it gives me a peace of mind and makes me a saner person :-)


I cannot wait for sweater weather. I visited the store the other day and already decided on the first sweater I'm going to buy: the Armana Jasmine Cardigan in red. I tried it on and I'm in love. Now if the weather would just cooperate, the sweater and I could be happy together, at least for a season.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sophie! After thinking over what you said, I purchased the blouse. (It's the Emerald Cave Blouse by Sanctuary.) This was definitely an item that I couldn't get out of my head, I loved it that much.

Leigh said...

I am in love with so many sweaters from this catalog. I also love the Tibi dress that is pictured on page 13. I recently saw the dress at a local department store, but it wasn't that appealing to me. I am having second thoughts now that I saw it on the model in the catalog.

I came across your blog while searching for a free shipping code. Do you know if there is one available at the moment? Urban Outfitters, a sister company, offers free shipping with a $200 purchase. Why won't Anthropologie do that?

I live in Philadelphia and they are headquartered here. Perhaps I should go down to the corporate offices and ask them why they don't offer free shipping.

I could just go to the store, too. It's really pretty and carries most items. But on nights like these when I should be working, shopping online offers fruitful procrastination.

Quail said...

I like the outfits but I think the poses kinda irk me somewhat!

Sophie said...

Hi Leigh,

I don't think there are any free shipping codes available from Anthro at the moment. They usually have them around holidays. Do nag them about it though, you never know what a little nagging may accomplish.

Anonymous said...

this was my favorite catalog ive ever gotten! the peacock dinner wear is to die for!


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