Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Tis the season to be spending

This has been an expensive, yet very satisfying shopping week.
Sales, sales, sales. Those evil retailers really know how to get me to spend. I love this season and dread it at the same time. I love it because, not only do I get to take advantage of all the great sales and deals, but also because this is when my husband and I start shopping for each other's anniversary gifts. Double the spendings, double the fun. I dread it for precisely the same reason.

It started with 30% off at J.crew. I also opened a J.Crew credit card and received an additional 10 % off and free shipping! Can't beat that. Among other stuff I got a lovely coat, a purchase which was long overdue since my last dress-coat I bought 8 years ago in a thrift shop! It has served me well and I was pretty attached to it but by now the lining is all in shreds and I decided it was time to move on.
My shopping spree continued at Boden with 20 % off and free shipping (ends today). I'm proud to say I have resisted getting anything there for myself, but I did get a few cute pieces for my daughter.
On to GAP with 30% off coupon. Notice in this whole shopping excursion Anthropologie has not been mentioned. I just feel stupid paying full prices in Anthropologie while sales are raging everywhere else. I wish Anthropologie occasionally offered some percentage off all orders, not only sale items, but it seems Anthropologie is above such tactics (sigh...).
Also I'm still at a loss as to what to get my husband for our anniversary. Help! Men are just so low maintenance.

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jacquelyn said...

I, too, wish Anthro had more sales. Or, perhaps they could offer better shipping prices. The high shipping keeps me from ordering. I do have an Anthro in my city but they rarely carry above a size L/12 in store so I still have to order. At least I can return at store, though, rather than pay return shipping costs.


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