Wednesday, December 3, 2008

30% OFF Ornaments

Anthropologie is finally throwing us a little bone. Get your Anthro card out and get 30% off ornaments now through December 8th. Although I was hoping for a similar discount off clothes, it's a start, people. Coincidently, now that there's an actual sale happening the Anthro site is not functioning due to maintenance (another first in my memory).


Heather said...

Oh, joy! I would not have not about the ornament sale if I had not seen your post! Now, that anthro card can finally come in handy! yay! I can finally get a new ornament for my tree and it will give me a good reason to back into Anthropologie.
Thanks so much!
Merry Christmas!

jacquelyn said...

Works online, too.

Emma Dalrymple said...

How does one go about getting an anthro card? I don't see anything on the Web site...

Sophie said...


Ask to sign up for Anthro card at the store counter. I'm not sure if you can sign up on-line and I can't double check since Anthropologie website is still down.


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