Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy April 2009

I know by now all of you have seen the April catalog, but you don't come here for the pictures, you come here for my take on them. Right? Right.

Ah, April. Finally, a catalog worth posting about. You might have noticed that I didn't mention the previous two. That's because there was no incentive. April however, is refreshing, soothing to the nerves and easy on the eyes. The photography is just gorgeous. So perfect in it's "imperfections". The April catalog is vibrant, it has motion, it's got life. The models are not over groomed mannequins but look warm and serene. Did I mention happy?
Of course the cover says it all. A beautiful family frolicking on the beach in front of shimmering blue water. That's pretty innovative, a family right there on the cover... yeah, and with kids too; three kids! It's very, very easy to project myself and my family into this picture.
The April catalog, seems to be a step away from the usual Anthro 'meditative reflection, melancholic brooding, a bit decaying, slightly mystical' feel of Anthropolgie catalogs.

Pleated Petal Tank - $98
I love the perspective of this two page spread. The lines of the car and the girl leaning out of the window lead the eye right in towards the floppy hat and the tank. Good photography is not just about clicking a button, ladies and gentlemen.

Pieced Gauze Dress ($168)
So romantic!

It's no longer just a perfect looking couple in a perfect setting (agham, J.Crew), it's a good looking but NOT perfect couple with kids. The guy is a bit geeky compared to the men in previous Anthro catalogs, which makes the whole scenario of him being married with three kids and his wife affording Anthro clothes more believable. The lady/mother figure is not a generic looking blond with blue eyes, which makes her appear more human (Not to suggest that blue eyes are inhuman, but it's nice to see some variety).
Where was I? Oh yes, perfect in it's imperfection, because after all, life is beautiful but never perfect.

I don't get the scarf on the guy though...
Would someone explain this look to me? Is it a beach scarf?


sarah (SHU) said...

hmm, beach scarf . . . that would be a new one :)

i also LOVED the april catalogue -- so many covetable dresses! i wrote about my picks in this post:

we are getting our first actual anthro store in my area soon -- very exciting!

Carolyn Quebe Williams said...

I loved the family in this catalog. It was extremely refreshing to see some wholesome values in a catalog. Some really, really, well dressed wholesome values, of course!

Christine said...

I need some help from fellow Anthro lovers. I found these amazingly cute earrings on polyvore but don't know what they are called or if still available. Thanks for your help!


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