Sunday, February 7, 2010

Join the Circus

February 2010

The styling and the photography in the Anthropologie February catalog is truly a work or art, worthy of Anthropologie reputation. The cover, displaying all kinds of Circus paraphernalia laid out in the sand, just pulls you in, begging to be studied. I like the generous, almost storybook-like proportions of the catalog.
The circus side show theme is so whimsical, every page is a visual delight!

As for clothes, am I the only one who finds them a wee bit disappointing? There are a few nice pieces, but not so drool-worthy that I absolutely have to have them, as it used to be with what appeared in Anthropologie catalogs two years ago and further back. I think in the past year or so, a lot of the styles Anthropologie puts out are looking more and more like something you'd expect Free People or Urban Outfitters to sell. Am I getting older or is Anthropologie changing their target customer demographics? I'm definitely getting older (I'm 31, for the record), but there's no denying that Anthropologie has gone through some changes as well.
When I leaf through my collection of their old catalogs, I love everything I see. It seems to me, that compared with the recent styles, the older Anthro styles were more timeless and sophisticated while still being unique and artsy. The clothes used to be cut better and more figure flattering. This is why I took to browsing Ebay for some older pieces I've missed out on, mistakenly thinking there will always be something I'll like at Anthropologie.

Star Printed Cardi and Glassland Dress

Abuzz Cardi paired with Plains & Prairies Dress

Circus freaks?

Thick & Thin Blouse, Burnished Short-Shorts, Bee Flower Wedges

Four Petal Cardi, Pollen Promise Skirt, Acrobatic Wedges

Leading Role Dress, Collected Calico Dress

Claret Cup Scoopneck
Love this photo!

Slate Stripes Shift, Rising Orbits Vest

Flowering Pasture Blouse

Australorp Blouse

Cockadoodle Dress
(My dream come true, a dress with roosters on it!)

Bluebells Awaken Cardigan, Nostalgic Lace Skirt

Tassel Fronds Dress

Blooming Brilliance Blouse, Galloping Filly Skirt
Who decided that this outfit works?

Italian Campaign Canopy Bed,
Tuxedo Duvet,
Mechanic's Beacon Lights

Coralie Bed,
Coral Grove Quilt,
Twilit Vines Duvet

Shrinking Violets Booties, Wild Meadow Booties

Wild Yonder Romper
Something to wear when you're ready to join the circus.


Ady Grafovna said...

I am totally with you! The Anthro clothes from this catalog are not calling to me either. I also have noticed that they do not have the same timeless but unique appeal that they used to have. I keep seeing more and more "trendy" and less and less "stylish". Though, I do love that nostalgic lace skirt in this catalog that I can find NOWHERE...

Hannah said...

I also liked their old catalogs better in general. I did like though the Recital Cardigan on page 18 of this catalog. I'm not crazy about the colors it comes in, but I like it otherwise.

Lisa said...

So far, I think we're unanimous. I'm not impressed with the designs nor construction quality as of late. I'm just keeping my old Anthropologie classics in very good condition. Can we vote for better colors (why all the bland grays, dirty neutrals, and black?) and clothes that make you feel stylish, not like a sloven teenager? (No more bubble tops and cheep t-shirts printed with dogs!) I'm done venting. I feel better now.

Sophie said...


LOL, "t-shirts printed with dogs"!
I meant to say something about that one and forgot. That was a horror.
I completely agree with you regarding the bland colors and cheap t-shirts.
What happened to Anthropologie?
It used to have such a timeless appeal.

Anonymous said...

As a newer Anthro shopper, I am aghast that I missed their "golden" years. I look at the old catalogs and just sigh, pining for their former glory days. I agree that now, so many of the items have cheap materials (at crazy prices) and are getting vanity sized. I am a 5'8" 130 pound woman - by no means a size 2. But, that is where I end up more often than not at Anthro - and the result is that many people must be getting sized out. It is a sad state of clothes. I don't know where to shop as an alternative. Ideas??

Anonymous said...

Oh! That romper!
I dedicated an entire post to it...the thing actually makes me feel sorry for it.

Sophie said...

I seriously believe the romper is a circus costume. The pockets are meant to hold juggling balls or torches or whatever else they juggle with.
I do wonder if Anthropologie managed to sell any of these. I dare anyone who owns one to come forward.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with this post. I was thoroughly disappointed with this collection. How I long for the days of gorgeous, elegant-looking Anthropologie clothings! Thank god for eBay. -Jennifer

Pauline Wiles said...

Hi... first time here!
Anthro is a weird experience for me. I always really enjoy browsing in the store, but I find their catalogs (this one included, although I agree the circus setting was pretty) more than a little strange. I think it's because I would wear one of their items as the key thing in a more conservative outfit, rather than piling the whole lot on at once.


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