Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Femininity Personified

Feminine Tops

Tambour Blouse - $98
Almost everything designed by Floreat is worthy of the Anthropologie image.
The lovely details on this blouse, the intricate eyelet pattern, the scalloped bottom, the little ruffles and pleats add up to a sum total of a one heavenly perfection of a blouse!
Have you seen the back on this one? Look at it again!
Seriously, how much goodness can be packed into one blouse?

Secret Garden Blouse - $98
Ahh, temptation, thy name is Floreat.
The embroidered blossoms and leaves are GORGEOUS!
Don't you just want to reach out and touch the embroidery?

Celia Blouse - $78
Adorned with delicate tonal embroidery and crochet blooms.

Lily Of The Valley Blouse - $128
I love the tulip shaped bottom and all the scalloped edges.
After embroidery, my next obsession is scallops.

Fire Flyaway Cardigan - $88
This one's got a bit of a Victorian feel.
The sleeves and the back are made of soft jersey for added comfort.
Lovely tonal embroidery and delicate eyelet pattern.

First Sampler Top - $49.95 On Sale
Adorned with sweet needlework and scallops, this top has what to offer
if you can get passed the shapeless aspect of it.


Athena said...

Hi Sophie! Such pretty, pretty things. My wishlist keeps getting longer, and longer.... Torture on the wallet, but oh so pleasing on the eyes! :)

lifeafterberth said...

very sweet peasant tops!

Amy said...

So beautiful!! If only I wan't skint :(

Heather said...

Ah, sigh....I recently saw these at anthro and loved them. They are so feminine and cute and with such lovely detail.


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