Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Order Has Been WHAT???

I started the day as a happy customer and now I'm a confused, annoyed and generally unhappy one.
So here is the progression of today's shopping events. This morning, I ordered the Exbury Gardens Cardigan and the Winter Solstice Wrap. I was happy that both were available in my size and I got the 25% discount which made the sale price even better. I received an email confirmation of my order and contently settled to taking care of business.
Later in the afternoon, I received an e-mail telling me that both sweaters were removed from my order because they were no longer available. "Well that's strange", I thought. When my order went through the sweaters were in stock. I called customer service and was given the strangest answer I've ever heard. Ready? (This is good). Both cardigans were RECALLED.
-What? Sweaters recalled? As of a couple of hours ago?
-Yup, that's right. You know how toys and appliances get recalled all the time? Well, we had to recall these sweaters.
-I'm confused. Do they burst into flames?
-Well, there might have been some defects in the new shipment.

This sounds particularly strange to me, since the two sweaters are from different brands. It's just too much of a coincidence that both brands that I happen to have ordered suddenly got recalled. I really wonder if all this is connected to the 25% discount in some way. Could it be that Anthropologie just wanted to clear out the stores but was not as interested in over-discounting their on-line merchandise? I wonder if these sweaters will suddenly reappear again after the holidays.
Did anyone else have a similar experience with any sale items today?
Or am I just jinxed when it comes to shopping? (I probably should be, considering the poor health of my credit cards).

P.S. I did find the two "recalled" sweaters through a store. It's annoying that I had to take that extra step in order to order what I wanted. If I had any pride, I'd be boycotting Anthropologie right about now, but luckily for Anthro, an addiction doesn't leave room for pride.


danatestingsite said...

This happened to me today, too. I ordered a cardigan and got an email saying that it wasn't available a few hours later.

Ady Grafovna said...

I tried to get the Exbury Gardens cardigan too! Man... I REALLY wanted that too. It was the only sale item that I wanted!!! I hope it comes back.

Laura said...

This happened to me today too with the Exbury sweater! It was available in all sizes when I purchased it, and then a few hours later I got the cancellation email. Sad =(

Sophie said...

Call customer service and ask them to do a store search for your size. It's a hassle, but if you really want it...

None said...

Wow, that is really strange. My guess - they didn't intend them to go on sale online, and/or they ran out faster than expected. I'd be very unhappy if that happened to me.

Anjali said...

Anthro does this infuriating recall business every couple of months. I remember it happened with the Alena Skirt and the Keeping Tabs tee, among other products. The *really* infuriating part is that they *invariably* come back in stock within a few days. Not sure what the point of these recalls is exactly then, they seem to only inconvenience the consumer.

Karlye said...

That's frustrating. I had a similar experience. I ordered the Winter Solstice sweater online and when I went to pay, the sweater was no longer in the cart and no explanation was provided. I called my local store and found it, but they didn't honor the extra 25% off.

Laura said...

I had trouble getting through to CS this morning. So I sent my issue to anthro@anthropologie.com. My online orders were not calculating the 25% off Red Tag Promo. Just incase you can't reach them by phone. You can also send an email to request a store search and they will return email the info.

e+a said...

That's insane! I can't believe they would do that. Sorry.


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