Wednesday, January 5, 2011

E-bay Find - Cormorant Button-Up

Remember the Cormorant Button-Up by Floreat? We all know it in teal and off-white, but I've never seen it in this color before. Pretty happy looking, don't you think?
Just came across this version on E-bay, listed in size L-12. It's being offered as new without tags for a buy it now of $59.99 OR best offer.


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AnthroFan said...

Hm. This seller whitechocolatecouture was the one who sold the teal cormorant in EVERY size last year or so! Something tells me the seller(s) have some sort of connection with the Indian clothing manufacturers of Anthro!

They have Floreat and Odille brands in colors I have never seen Anthro sell, but the same stype in other colors available for sale often!

Observe them for a while, something is going on. But, hey, if someone wants to get it and it's good quality, if Anthro doesn't care about its brand name being used, oh well


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