Monday, February 14, 2011

Behold - BHLDN

BHLDN (can I buy a vowel?), the Anthropologie wedding brand, has unveiled it's much anticipated collection today.
I'm swooning! Wedding gowns with a retro Anthropologie flair? Where were you ten years ago when I was getting married?! Oh if only.... I'm entertaining the thought of purchasing a gown, hiring a photographer and being in denial that I'm ten years older. Maybe with enough Photoshop retouching I can sneak these pictures into our wedding album?But I digress....

The gowns are everything you'd expect from an Anthropologie wedding gown and more! The website also sells dreamy lingerie, shoes, hair adornments, jewelry and other accessories.

Ribboned Silk Gown - $1,600


kristin said...

Love, love, love!

Caroline Lees said...

Just found your blog today, I'm a huge Anthro fan too! These dresses are gorgeous; they make me wish I was getting married!

Sunako said...

Gorgeousness! Thanks for posting these!

Hmm...maybe renew your vows? :-)


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