Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October Catalog and Some New Arrivals

October is looking quite promising. Though the thought of colder weather makes me want to pick up and move to the nearest Caribbean island, I do love textured, fuzzy sweaters and wool skirts.
Our October heroins are roughing it in the great out doors, and lounging in a lakefront cabin. I can picture there being an annoyed man somewhere in this scenario, saying "Damn woman, you will sprain your ankle, climbing rocks in those shoes and then I'll have to carry your fat a**". Men just don't get it.

Check out Roxy's review here.

It seems that photography is the current fad (remember when it was sewing and crafts?).
In the BodenUSA fall catalog there's a whole theme with a lady photographer.
Also, Lands End woman's catalog has an image with one of the models holding what looks like a manual camera. Digital is just not cool anymore.
To be a real novice, you gotta be shooting with film.

Ruched Marigold Coat

I like the retro look of this sweater. It would look perfect with a pencil skirt.

Melting Blocks Cowlneck


M said...

Thanks a lot for the pictures :) - One question I have is how do you (and other bloggers) get to see the catalog earlier? It does not come up on the Anthropologie website for me yet :(

SubWife said...

It's not only men who don't get it. I can practically hear my Grandma saying, after looking at the first picture, "Missy, you gonna freeze your you-know-what if you keep on lying in that mini-skirt in such cold weather. And then you'll get a UTI and will never have children."

Anonymous said...

I wish my life were comprised of lounging on a pier in the sunlight with a bunch a toy sailboats. I'd just pack my keens for hiking and sport the high heels on the pier. What a lovely scene.

Michelle said...

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