Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carolinae Top Review

I've been eyeing the Carolinae Top for a while, and when it went on sale, I caved and ordered it. What attracted me to this top was the graphic print that looks like a pen drawing. I also appreciate the fact that the top is 100% silk. I was not in denial about the lack of shape, but  was hoping to give the top some semblance of shape by wearing it tucked in.
So how can something that should have been so right, go so wrong? 

Well, for starters, this top is huge. Shapeless and huge.
The reviewer on the Anthro website who wrote that
she usually wears a size 8 but had plenty of room in a size 0 in this top, was not kidding.
Too bad her review was not up yet when I was placing my order. 
Here I am, wearing a 0 which should have been marked 10.

And my plan of tucking it in? No such luck!
The top is way too short even on my 5"1 frame and doesn't stay tucked in.
The website lists it as being 22 inches long, which cannot possibly be accurate.
I forgot to actually measure the top before returning it, but if it was indeed 22"
I would not have had any trouble tucking it in.
Did I already mention it's super wide?

And the gaping sleeves? Seriously, I think I could fit both my legs into these sleeves.
Sure, you would have a nice breeze going in the Summer, 
but do you really want to entertain the onlookers with a clear view 
of your bra (if you're the bra wearing sort)?

I still like the graphics on the Carolinae top very much and wish that Anthropologie would make a well fitting cardigan or at least a button down blouse in this color/pattern combo. 
Please Anthropologie, pretty please?

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amie k said...

such a shame when something you order online doesn't live up to expectation!
Love Amie xx


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