Friday, February 1, 2013

New Lovelies

A few lovely new arrival just made an appearance on Anthro site.
No February catalog yet. I really hope it's coming soon. 
Not having a January catalog and now the February being late, makes me nervous.
 I seriously hope Anthropologie is not doing away with their mail in catalogs,
 as that would just be too cruel.
The embroidered blooms look so happy against the 
navy background. I'm always attracted to styles by Tabitha.

This top look very flattering. It seems to me, that
because of the way the front portion is shaped, with darker color
at the sides, the top creates a slimming effect.

Available in 4 colors.


Sayaka said...

I agree I love the first cardigan!! I just wish Tabitha's cardigans were hand wash-able!!

Sophie said...

I always end up hand washing them anyway, especially the cotton ones.


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