Monday, March 11, 2013

Anthropologie Home and Dinnerware SALE

A selection of items from the home and kitchen departments went on sale today. In addition, Anthropologie is offering a 15% discount of all dinnerware for a limited time.

I love Anthropologie dinnerware and kitchen items for the bright colors and unique, whimsical patterns. Even if you can't afford an entire dinner set, one or two pretty bowls really dress up the table. I have the Flame Leaf Bowls  and get compliments on them every time I have company. Plus, they make me smile. 
I drink my morning coffee out of the Cadiz Mug, which I'm completely addicted to. I had to replace it a few times because eventually the handle breaks on me, but I cannot be without this mug! Cute pattern aside, it's the perfect size and shape. I love that it's shaped like an  over-sized tea cup. Plus, it's made of bone china, unlike most other Anthropologie cups, which are mostly Stoneware or Earthenware. Bone China weighs less, yet it's more durable. I think I'll take advantage of the 15% off and stack up on  few back-ups. 

Here are some of my favorite dinnerware patterns, now on SALE.

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