Monday, November 11, 2013

One of a Kind

Sometimes I like to wander over to the One of a Kind section of the Anthropologie website. It's pretty much like going to a gallery, except you presume that these are curated by a consumer brand and so, are probably intended to sell. Probably is the key word here. While a lot of these one of a kind pieces are quite beautiful, let's face it, some are downright hilarious and given the price tags, I have serious doubts whether they will find a home.

So the first item that caught my eye in this section are the Cafe Chairs. I don't know, I have a think for rusty furniture. It's just so...shabby chic?
These Cafe Chairs apparently were found by Anthro buyers in Paris at a Flea Market. You know the saying: Our junk is your antiques. Not to imply that these chairs are junk. I really do like them.

Let's not forget the hand-made rugs.
Gorgeous! I love the color combo. But wait, I'm a little confused by the description. 
"While traveling the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, our buyers came across a collection of 1960s boucherouite rugs in a local village, and returned home with their favorites. To create a boucherouite rug, recycled fabric bits are hand-knotted using an ancient Moroccan technique that requires no pre-conceived design or pattern - only the free, fluid finger movements..."
1960's? Is this a dirty, old used rug? 'Cause you know, a Moroccon might have come in from walking his goat barefoot and wiped his feet on this rug. I'm assuming Anthropologie dry cleaned these before selling them and maybe the rug's history just makes it more appealing to a discerning customer, but personally, I will always be wondering if any of those pesky goat poo germs might have survived the dry cleaning process.

And then there's this, which renders me speechless:
Doe Hat - $980.00

Alpaca Head - $3,200.00

Red Beast Head - $980.00

Stag Head - $3,800.00
Are these headpieces or wallpieces? Both? Well, whatever it is, this animal-head-on-wall has been a theme with Anthro lately. When some apocalypse event will put an end to civilization, I imagine the cave-dwelling survivors will find these headpieces very useful. If you have the foresight to invest into one of these now, it will keep you warm, help you camouflage yourself in the forest and possibly even scare away the wild animals. Anotherwords, what may look like a little hood with pig ears, may actually be your ticket to survival in the future.

For the right price (a mere $9,800), you can get yourself a one-of-a kind, beat up drawer unit. "Filled with contents found in nature like moss, seashells and twigs". Let that seep in for a minute. You just paid 10K for a splinter-hazard drawer chest and now you have to 
clean it out before you can actually use it?!  

I have to admit, this one's pretty awesome looking. My one regret is that it doesn't seem to be very roomy on the inside. Sure, it'll fit my four Anthropologie cups and maybe a squirrel home, but for the price, I'd expect more storage space.

I'm pretty sure I saw this at the Rockefeller Center Anthro store a few years ago. You'd think Anthropologie would reduce the price, since it didn't sell in a few yearsUnless this is a different beat-up bathtub...

I consider myself artistically inclined, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't see a Flamenco Dancer. 

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