Thursday, May 22, 2014

New And Noteworthy At Anthropologie

I love browsing New Arrivals! There's always a hope that something out-of-this-world wonderful will pop up. Often enough, this hope is realized. Here's the latest set of "wonderfuls". 
Quite honestly, I never considered wearing a 
leather skirt before - it's just not me.
But this one is a work of art! 
I love the fresh colors of the embroidery, 
the green, blue, orange and yellow against the soft tone
of the leather. 

A quintessential Summer dress.
I love the feminine silhouette and the turquoise print. 

Perfect occasional dress!

Something different with lots of beautiful details.

Though I'm mostly a "pastel girl", lately
I've been gravitating to vibrant colors.
I guess I need a little more excitement in my life.

Mint embroider!

This top comes in tons of colors, 
but the green motif is my favorite.

Silk bomber...hmm, that sounds luxurious. 

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